Taming Houseguest: Day 5


I admit it.

I failed.

I tried to tame her, but she beat me, and not for the first time either.

Though in my defence, I would just like to point out that that it was her birthday this week; and that was partly the reason for me going easy on her.

So what am I to do with her? She disobeys me at every turn.

She stands in front of the TV when the Lions are playing.

Forcing me to punish her with a spanking.

I’m trying to write, and parades past me in a pair of peep toes.

Then she orders me to get on my knees and lick.

How can I possibly refuse?

Damn it, she tied me up on holiday, and sodomised me with a dildo.

OK, that bit I liked.

However, the fact remains, she is utterly incorrigible.

Some of you may think that I should give up on trying taming her, perhaps you are right.

Maybe Houseguest just can’t be tamed? But I owe it to her to keep trying.

So I‘ve planned something quite demented for her tonight.

I have enrolled Calvino, a model friend of mine, who is rather perverted.

Between the two of us I’m sure we can put her in her place.

Of course, there is always the possibility that she will have us on our knees licking her in nice places.

How will it turn out? Find out on Sunday.

Any suggestions on what to do with her?

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10 thoughts on “Taming Houseguest: Day 5

  1. Now I can’t wait for Sunday to find out how long it takes your beautiful lady to put you two on your knees. I would wager maximum of 5 minutes! Well, whatever happens I’m sure the three of you will be well satisfied with smiles on your faces!


  2. Yep, Robert, maybe You should give up. Face it, You like being on Your knees in front of Houseguest. i sure can’t wait till Sunday to see how is new tactic works! Or not! In any case I’m sure everyone will have fun!

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