Taming Houseguest: Day 3

Robert collared

I had intended on taming my beloved all week, but her birthday intervened.

She’s the birthday girl, I’ll be nice to her, I told myself.

So out we went to dinner, fine food, champagne and then an early night.

My intention had been to blindfold her and then eat her out, before a good bumming.

But she had other ideas.

Out she stepped of the bathroom in a pair of 5 inch red peep toes and nothing else.

I was fucked.

“On the floor”! She ordered.

“But I’m a Dom…..yes ma’am”.

“Learn your place Robert”.  How could I fail to learn it when she had her stiletto on my neck?

“You are guilty of being a little man slut”. Who me? Never!

Naturally, Houseguest decided I had to be punished. On went the dog collar and the ball gag.

Next I was instructed to go on all fours. I will rue the day I bought her that strap-on….

It’s her birthday Robert, give her what she wants.

Why are women obsessed with bumming me? Oh yes, I have a pert ass.

For the record Houseguest I only enjoy sucking REAL dicks. Hint!

All this was just for starters, after a costume change the second act began.

Black patent leather pumps on, and me on my knees licking them.

Seems in my lust I have agreed to the following thing:

  1. To obey her always.
  2. That I belong to her.

I think I got off lightly. Oh and that my tongue now belongs up her ass.

As my tongue worked up her heels, and up the backs of her long legs into her ass; I thought to myself that perhaps being a slave is not as bad as it’s made out to be.

13 thoughts on “Taming Houseguest: Day 3

  1. I think this suits you. To occasionally be the Dom is fine, but you do appear to be quite the natural sub when it comes to HG. I enjoy reading how staunch you want to be, but in the end, she gets her wicked way with you.

      1. The resistance adds to the excitement, for both,I would imagine (well For me it does from my personal experience). There is something so very erotic about being controlled in trusting, sexual situations.

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