Taming Houseguest: day 2

Bad Houseguest

As it’s my beloved’s Birthday today, this update is rather early in the day. Tonight I will be very busy, too busy to provide you with an update.

There used to be a time when I would take no prisoners.  Alas now I’m such a soft touch. I had sworn to spend the week taming Houseguest, but it’s her birthday, so I’ve decided to go easy on her. That’s love for you.

Rather than spanking her bottom this lunch time, we instead shared a sandwich. While I was looking at her breasts, I could not help but wonder if all women gave their men such trouble. Maybe I would be better off with a man?

But then I would not have such full and buxom breasts to worship. They are such a distraction. Men simply can’t resist their charms.  I know I can’t. They bring out my inner child. As a woman of the world she knows this, why else would she wear that low cut top to my office?

She was in luck; the birthday girl will not be getting a spanking over my desk today. No I have something else in mind for later on tonight……

We sat there in silence eating our lunch, until eventually she spoke; while I had a mouthful of ham sandwich.

“I only tied you up because you love it so much”.

She has a point.

“I know that dildo is not a patch on a real hard dick but it made you come”.

This is true.

When I finally spoke it was only to confirm that what she said was true. However, if she disobeys me again I will be forced to take further measures. I was expecting a remorseful look; instead I got a wicked smile.

Something tells me that this is going to be a long week.

Do you think she can be trusted?

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8 thoughts on “Taming Houseguest: day 2

  1. Spoil first, then a nice birthday spanking would be most appropriate. Enjoy your day. Oh and I do agree with HG with her idea from tl. You under the table during dinner would be a fantastic way to show her a good time. Happy Birthday HG!

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