Taming Houseguest: Day 1

Tame 1

Women say the silliest things when trying to avoid a spanking. But the thing that really gets me is the blatant lies.

“Oh, but I’ve been so good”.

“I promise I won’t be bad again”.

I’ve heard it all before, sweetheart. Houseguest, you’re just too bad for your own good.

I’m at the end of my tether. The minx tied me up on our holiday!

She promised oral sex, but instead sodomized me with an inflatable dildo.

To say I was outraged is an understatement.

I donโ€™t care if my semen landed on my chin, and I don’t care how high your heels are. I am a Dom I am Sir Paddyspanksbottom.

Of course, I only have myself to blame. I’ve been totally remiss in my taming duties. To my shame, my woman has gone feral.

She needs intensive taming therapy: morning, lunch and evening time.

Unfortunately, she outwitted me last night by not staying over, thus preventing me from giving her the breakfast of champions this morning. No matter, an extra firm spanking over my desk at lunchtime would compensate.

The she-devil attempted to bedazzle me with a lacy thong, and she spoke in tongues.

“Oh baby, stick your tongue up my ass”.

Ha! Woman I am made of much sterner stuff. Her reward: twelve spanks, six on each bare buttock….and my tongue up her bottom.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my PA for the sounds emanating from my office, but a man must fulfill his duty.

Now, it was my intention to bonk my beloved this evening until she wet herself, but she has stormed off in a huff. No doubt to swap notes in secret with her fellow she-devils. In an attempt to out-fox me.

But don’t you worry, my precious, I have something quite nice planned for you tomorrow night!

Do you agree, she’s been a bad, bad girl?

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19 thoughts on “Taming Houseguest: Day 1

  1. If you can make me come in a restaurant full of people, then you deserve an award for brazenness. So my suggestion would be you on your knees between my legs under the table. I’m sure you get the picture. You’ll be keeping your tongue busy for my bday!

  2. I’m thinking HG has the edge right now, Irish. I hope you have extra special plans for your beautiful ladys birthday. Can’t wait to hear about your continued “taming of HG”

      1. That’s good! i’ll be checkin’ to see how things are progressing! Wish hubby would take me in hand that way!!

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