Sinful Sunday: Taming Houseguest

Taming Houseguest

Over the past few weeks, my beloved Houseguest has become more and more troublesome. You see, she has latent dominant tendencies, and this simply will not do. I am Sir Paddyspanksbottom. I am the Dom! Period.

It’s time I reminded her of this.

I keep telling her, but she simply does not listen to me. Even on our recent holiday in the sun, she would not listen. In fact, she totally crossed the line when she tricked me with some of her smooth lines, yet again, and tied me to our bed. The lure of being restrained, while she lavished my cock with all the love a woman’s mouth can muster… Not how it went down though. Nope!

“Houseguest, release me right now”! I was infuriated. The monster dildo in her hand and the evil gleam in her eye clearly indicated my ass was up for the offering. What happened to my blowjob, damn it? Did she listen? No, she stuffed her knickers in my mouth. She so hates to hear me whine.

And as for sticking that dildo up my ass? Yes ok, so I came all over my face and chest, but it is still totally SUBVERSIVE to sodomize your man in this manner! But then, the woman licks me clean, actually purring like a cat with its cream and proceeds to work me up to a near deadly second orgasm with said oral skills and all was forgiven, momentarily

Bad Houseguest! Good Houseguest! I can’t decide which or maybe both.

How can I possibly maintain my position as the Dom in this relationship, if she continues to tie me to the bed and fuck me with her sex toys? A conundrum, I’m sure you will agree.

A lot less of this (maybe)!
A lot less of this (maybe)!

I guess it’s all my own fault, as I have been remiss with my taming duties. Now look what’s happened. So, I will be engaging in some heavy duty taming tactics over the next couple of weeks.

Here is my daily schedule:

  • Breakfast time: breakfast of champions!
  • Lunch time: ordered to my work for a spanking over my desk.
  • Evening time: tie her to my bed, nipple clamps and spreader bar, tie the wand to her clit and choke her as I sodomize her.

My plan hinges on delivering a multitude of orgasms.

I do believe that if I follow this plan religiously, she will be back on the straight and narrow and forget these silly ideas of her being a domme.

Stay tuned this week to see how I get on.

How would you tame a naughty Houseguest?

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21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Taming Houseguest

  1. All snickering aside, I do really like your plan, baby. Like you, I am convinced that all those orgasms will make me into a different person!

  2. Oh, and to answer the question your blog poses. If I had a naughty houseguest, I think that giving in to all her desires would tame her better than any punishment. She would crave me and be like putty in my hands…..if I had a naughty houseguest, that is.

  3. Sounds like more fun than a taming. Can’t wait to hear about your progress. I’m sure you’ll give it your best effort, Sir Paddyspanksbottom.

    HG, I hope you’ll keep us informed on his efforts.

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