Guest blog: How To Catch Butterflies

Samantha Fontien cover
The time has come to finally introduce Samantha Fontien’s brand new book, How To Catch Butterflies, and boy are you in for a treat!
I would describe my book as an emotional roller coaster of up and downs as you join Rebecca and her best friend Lucy on a whirlwind adventure that is LIFE, and boy do these girls know how to live!! It’s Pantie THUMPING stuff !!!!
My story revolves around two main characters –  Rebecca, a beautiful, clever young woman who settled down way to young and convinced herself she had made her bed, so she would lie on it as so to speak.
However Rebecca suffers domestic violence at the hands of her fiance of 7 years, David. He grinds her down and alienates her from her friends, until one evening, he takes things too far….
With the help of her equally beautiful, sassy best friend Lucy, Rebecca turns her life around. She finds the strength to leave and move on from David. She learns how to live, have fun and find herself again.My story is based in London, with both women having very successful careers, and all the luxuries that come with such a lifestyle. They work hard and play just as  hard.
Along the way, both girls find love and break hearts, and they do both with class and style. There is international travel, both in work and pleasure, and there’s lots of saucy pleasure to read with both girls antic’s

Excerpt 1:


*Cinderella helped him by wiggling out of them, he knelt there, licking slowly, up her bare leg, caressing and flicking with his tongue as he moved up slowly working his way to her inner thighs.

 She grabbed his chin pulling his face from there,

“That’s not for you” she purred standing above him,

“As you wish” his tongue lingered.

His hand caressed, reaching up to her breasts, tweaking her nipples as he continued to run his tongue encircling her lower stomach,. He moved slowly up to her breast, taking her nipple in his mouth, biting gently down, while he sucked and flicked it with his tongue.

Christopher’s tongue moved with intent, leisurely up to her collar bone, trailing his tongue and lips up to her neck.*

Excerpt 2:

Lucy had started undoing his trousers; she could feel his hardness through them. She had felt him earlier, and ‘IT’ seemed quite big, she let his trousers fall and there it was…

His massive cock, she gasped at the size of ‘IT’.  She slid her hand down onto his enormous length, her hand barely able to fully clasp around it, as she massaged it up and down while she looked up at him. She still held his gaze as she slowly took him in her mouth.

She didn’t think she would get it all in as ‘IT’ was so big; she edged slowly, easing down his length. He was filling her mouth, her jaws were already aching, she moved now with more vigor, dipping her head, she looked up at him, he now had his hands at the back of her head; she bobbed up and down vigorously.

 She could feel him get even harder, she ran her tongue the length of his rod, teasing, gliding over his huge tip, He moaned with each lick and flick her tongue made, when she took his full length again in her mouth, his moans turning to gasps as she moved her mouth faster and deeper.

“Be careful” he moaned pulling her up towards his chest as she teased ‘IT’ again with her tongue a final time. 


8 thoughts on “Guest blog: How To Catch Butterflies

  1. Great excerpts — I want to read more. Where can we find Samantha? Are you keeping her all to yourself, Robs?

  2. Great excerpts — I want to read more. Where can we find Samantha? Are you keeping her all to yourself, Robs?

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