Guest blog from Houseguest: Revenge Gone Wrong


I needed my revenge. Robert has gone and done it again, damn it! He knows how much I love my MM action, and he is off in Bristol fucking half the rugby nation without allowing me to watch. Same old song and dance from him. You know the lines, “Baby, guys don’t necessarily want women to watch”. “These guys aren’t into it”. On and on it goes. All my ears hear is, “Blah, blah, blah”. I am like a petulant child, and don’t WANT to hear anything he says. It’s stupid, but I feel left out, and I have the overwhelming desire to make Robert feel the same.

If there is one thing everyone knows about Robert, it’s that he doesn’t like being excluded from any sex happenings. Even though the man is off rogering the hot asses of rugby, he would be jealous to miss out on a funsome in Dublin. So what’s a girl to do? Arrange the play date of Robert’s fantasies, without including him, of course.

Robert is always on the search for some hot couple to dominate me. Seems he thinks I need it. Whateva! So I arranged the play date of his dreams with the super hot couple from Robert’s birthday orgy. They had made it clear then that they wanted to dominate me, but it was his birthday and meant to be all about him. With all the innocence I could muster, I let Robert know Saturday morning of my plans for the evening and simply gushed about my pending submission.

My detailed description of the evening ahead was met with stutters and protests of incredulity. Now we’re getting somewhere.

“Baby, I’ll make sure they send you some pics of me licking his feet, while she pulls my hair and fucks my ass. It’ll be grand, just as if you were there”. If there were ever sounds for annoyance and disbelief, Robert was making them. My torture was starting to feel even sweeter.

I was getting a kick out of this little “Robert torture”, but the reality of my submission went nothing like I had imagined. When I met H&M in the evening, she gave me ‘the talk’ while we changed. What to expect, what they like to do, how rough they want to be, and so on. They both wanted to totally dominate me, if I could handle it. Oh yes, some kinky fuckery for me, baby.

I’m thinking, yeah, yeah, let’s do this thing. Show me who is the boss. That was, until she tells me he sometimes slaps her hard enough to see stars. She likes it very rough. Uugh, wait a minute. Robert, where are you when I need you?

My explanation of rules to her – He actually hurts me, and I will shove his teeth down his throat. That did get her attention; I think I was doing the submissive thing all wrong. A group discussion was then held. She felt he should hear this from me.

I’m ready to roll, ready to serve, ready for playtime, but they seem taken aback by my lack of interest in actually getting hurt. So I explain it to him clearly – Rough is good, domination is good; seeing stars from intentional pain and bruising is not. And no, I absolutely will not hesitate to take you out, if you intentionally hurt me. As it turns out, that was the beginning and the end of my submission.

Don’t get me wrong, we did have our threesome. But we all agreed it would be more fun to dominate her. Apparently, I’m not cut out for their kind of games.

So I didn’t actually get my revenge. And Robert, I’m waiting for you to come home so we can fulfill that fantasy together, as it should be, lovingly…..

How would you have your revenge?

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4 thoughts on “Guest blog from Houseguest: Revenge Gone Wrong

  1. Dear Houseguest
    I get that. Sounds like the guy was too much!
    I am proud you spoke your mind! I would have too. Used a baseball bat! A Louie slugger ! If anyone tried to Hurt me that way ! I love the one on one myself. But. You are brave ! I respect that!
    I have a Sir now myself. I love it! I have never been so happy !
    Bless you & Robert
    Ms. JoJo

  2. You go girl. First, good show in giving Robert a taste of his own medicine. If he gets hot fuck dates without you, you get hot fuck dates without him. Secondly, for setting boundaries. Not into injury myself. Good that you did hesitate too speak up. So many people are made to feel “wrong” somehow for no being kinky enough. As if not wanting to bleed or have your teeth rattled makes you frigid!!!!!! Sex should always give you more pleasure than pain.

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