Fantasy Friday: Lust and Power.


To my shame, there are certain things that I can’t resist. Say no to, or turn down.

When your beloved knows all your weaknesses it puts you in a rather precarious position.

Why precarious?

Because it makes you easy to manipulate.

If she wants something, she need only wear her 5 inch Gucci peep toes.  That is my number one weakness. I simply can’t say no to her when she is wearing them.

I invariably end up on my knees licking them, and pretty much agreeing to anything.

Then of course then there is her bottom. Oh her sweet pert bottom…..

When you receive a text at work like this: “baby you need to come home right now and fuck my ass”. There is only one thing that you can do. Drop everything and head home.

It’s almost impossible to say no to her. Even when I know I should. Houseguest is of course the original Femme Fatale. She is all powerful and must be obeyed.

Or you will be sexually tortured!

It’s not just her wonderful body that she uses to control me. There is the promise of shopping trips. Want to spend an afternoon drinking beer with the lads? No. How about watching Houseguest try on sexy heels instead, in the best boutiques in Dublin? She wins every time!

I guess you could say that she has me wrapped around her sexy manicured little finger.

I’ll deny it, but of course she does.

Because I lust after her. My lust for her controls me. And that lust is her power over me.

How do you control your man?

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12 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Lust and Power.

  1. I wear sexy clothes, usually with no bra or panties, and peep toed shoes. And when i walk, i wiggle my little ass. He loves my ass.

  2. How do i control my man?? Through my wit and intelligence?!!!! Or maybe it’s the suit with heels. Or maybe……… it’s the fact that what’s underneath is for him…..i.e. the lacy underwear and stockings xxxxxx

      1. Of course. He loves that i tease other men and then when it comes to home time i just go, “thanks but no thanks” and i walk over to him kiss him on the cheek and say, “race you home?”
        It hasn’t failed yet!

  3. Well, I a currently single, but in the past I would attentively listen as he talk to me and would idly brush my fingers across my incredibly soft skin. Normally around collar bone and top of breasts. He always said my eyes would “go wild”. Then he would loose ll control and I owned him.

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