Who Are The Important Men In Your Life?



Who Are The Important Men In Your Life?

I asked my beloved Houseguest this question, and I was surprised by her answer: Moi (naturally), her hairdresser, her personal trainer, and her swim instructor. WTF! In all honesty, I will never understand the way women think, but my beloved did at least try to explain her choices to me.

1. Me – Because I am fabulous sweetie. Obvious choice.

2.3.4. – These are the men who understand a woman, have an ear for their problems, and can offer advice.

I countered with the obvious: baby these men are paid to do these things. Well of course she knew that too. She tells me that chatting with these men is like a chat with a girlfriend and therapist combined, except you can actually talk about your girlfriends to them too. Perfect setup, really.

This does make sense to me, but as a man, having personal conversations with a trainer or hairdresser is as appealing as having my balls waxed. Or having hot candle wax dripped on them (are you listening Houseguest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). 

So apparently, these men know absolutely EVERYTHING about me, us, and all the naughtiness we get up to. My God, it’s a wonder these men charge HG for their services at all. I’m pretty sure they go home with plenty of wank material on the mind. My beloved confesses that she always shares hot pics of me with her gay hairdresser, and he looks forward to her visits like she is a rock star. Hardly surprising, who does not like looking a big pierced penis?

Ok. I get it, but I still ask why her father isn’t on the list of important men. She wrinkles up her face like she smells something rotten. “Puuulease”! She informs me that dads are only good for certain advice and conversations, but they don’t really ever want to think of their daughters as naughty little deviants intent on punishing their lovers. Nuff said!

Who do you share your secrets with?


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13 thoughts on “Who Are The Important Men In Your Life?

  1. Ugh, my father would never be on that list. Only because his main aim is to put down nearly everything I have to say.

    I tell my man everything and he is the first in line to know stuff. I can’t help it, he is my best friend as well as my lover.

    However, the only other male person I talk to is my hairdresser. We are into a 4 year professional relationship now. He knows when I’m stressed and he knows what to say and do to make me feel better.

    As a woman, I think quite often, men can be better friends to talk to than other females.

  2. This just mad me a little sad. I used to have 2 wonderful gay guy friends that i would share everything with. I got married and moved away and now we dont talk. And there are things I just can’t share with the husband…it would scare the crap out of him if he knew half the things i think about. 🙂

      1. well I shouldn’t say no longer talk we just lost touch. I didn’t realize how much I missed the companionship so I intend on fixing it….soon 🙂

  3. I share a lot of secrets with my husband…… And yes, we’re still married. My best friend knows most of the gossip secrets but there is a special guy who has been my friend for a long time, and thanks to the internet we have been able to keep in touch. He knows everything!!!!

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