Sinful Sunday: Marking Your Territory

bite kiss

It would appear the beast in me has well and truly been awoken. That’s what I put it down to anyway. You see, I can’t stop biting her. Normally my need to bite her lasts only about a week, while I am in my monthly sex rage. But of late, I want to bite her all the time. I bite her sexy ass, I bite her feet, I even nibble at her pussy. You will be pleased to know that I don’t use my teeth when I nibble at her pussy, and nor does Houseguest mind.

My beloved has put it all down to my primal instincts. What are these instincts? They are my urge, need and desire to mark her. I am, for all intents and purposes, peeing on her leg.

As a liberal European, a bit of pee fun is no big deal, but walking around with bite marks is bit of a no, no for Houseguest. How would she be able to explain them to her personal trainer or to her swim instructor? Naturally, I asked her how both these hot men would be able to see my bite marks, to which I was met with a naughty smile

She really is deliciously bad.

Being the goddess that she is, she has suggested a solution. I bite her to mark my territory, and she has her name tattooed on my back to mark hers in enormous Mexican gangsta lettering!

So I’ve decided to stop biting her, all of my own volition, of course. I’m a man. That’s the kind of thing that we do. You ladies would not understand. Instead, I have decided to put all my energy into arranging a hot foursome with her swim and gym instructors!

As you know, I don’t like people having hot sex without me!

I am thinking about the tattoo, however: my name on her pussy. That woman is mine!

How do you mark your territory? 

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12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Marking Your Territory

  1. Mmmmm. Liking the foursome idea for sure. MMMF is my kind of fun.

    When you wear my name on your ass, like the tramp stamp you deserve, I will wear yours on my pussy. Fair deal.

  2. Personally, i love bite marks! And Houseguest, that is a fair deal. If you will, i will. Alrhough, i’d do it in a heartbeat if my husband asked me to.

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