Fantasy Friday: Penis Envy

penis envy

In all honesty, I do love my penis. What man does not? Women are very keen on telling us how we men are constantly thinking with our cocks. They would be right. What’s wrong with that anyway?

All that pleasure, why would we not want to indulge our cocks?

But I guess this is no surprise to most of you out there.

Recently I have been catching my beloved looking at ‘it’ with greedy eyes. You guessed it.

She has penis envy.

What’s more, she is turning out to be rather spiteful. She has taken it on herself to prove her rubber strap-on is just as good as the real thing. Of course, it isn’t. Whose fault is that? Mine, of course.

Therefore, there has been some delicious and some rather un-delicious punishment.

Good punishment: teasing my penis with her beautiful feet.

Bad punishment: hot candle wax on penis. She always binds me to the bed and blindfolds me so I can’t get away or see what she has planned.

No amount of sex torture is placating her, and I’ve tried explaining that her clit gives her longer orgasms, but she is having none of it. She is, frankly, a jealous bitch. So I’ve arranged a MMMF for her. She will have all the penises that she wants.


Are you ever envious of men’s penises?


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8 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Penis Envy

    1. Men have the best time ever with their penises! Trust me nothing beats a big hard dick!
      Incidentally you really should not limit yourself to one penis.
      As you yourself: Don’t you deserve more?

  1. I have never understood penis nor have I ever met a WOMAN with it. Men are always the ones checking out other penises. Measuring them, comparing them, wanting someone else’s. I have always thought men suffer from breast envy. Lets face it, women’s bodies are typically more beautiful and we can give life to another and feed it!!!!

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