Wicked Wednesday: BBC only please!


The Gay Theatre Festival is on this week in Dublin, so of course, Houseguest and I had to go. So there we are in the front row, ready and expectant. This particular show is a one-man monologue about the guy’s life as a stripper. But the man in question is a big, hot black guy, and he does strip off during the show. So you can imagine that Houseguest and I were quite excited.

Seems every play about strippers is keen to tell the world how screwed up strippers are. I should feel sympathy, but really I just want to see the hot guy get his kit off. My beloved is the same; she has done her homework and knows that in part of the show, an audience member has to go up and rub baby oil on him.

So naturally, when he asked for a volunteer, up she shot. The poor man did not know what hit him. She positively sexually harassed him. “Come see us after”, she told him on stage. The poor man, he was totally out of his depth!

The man had it all: amazing body, great smile, and an ass I could pound all night. So when the grand finale came, and we finally got to see the goods, we were a little disappointed. He was, you know, well…small. We were expecting BBC, but we got SBC instead. The look on Houseguest’s face said it all. “Take it away”!

I guess we all can fall prey to sexual stereotypes. You see a black guy, and you think he has an anaconda between his legs. Such a pity. Some stereotypes are just meant to be.

What are your favourite sexual stereotypes?

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6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: BBC only please!

  1. My favorite one is Black men don’t eat pussy… yeah, right, sure we don’t! I’d eat a woman’s coochie right off her body if she’d let me!

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