Guest Blog From Houseguest: Conversion Therapy


I used to think conversion therapy was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of and could only be espoused by some whacko, religious bigots. Seriously, thinking that it’s wrong to love the person that you love, and that you could actually stop yourself from having those feelings? Just ridiculous……or so I used to think.

Over time, however, I have come to see the full merits of a proper conversion therapy. And when I say “proper”, I actually mean “my” type of conversion therapy: from gay to bi. You see, some gay men just need converting, because it is a crying shame for all the pussies of this world (namely mine) missing out on those fabulous bodies and hot cocks. That’s right. Only some gay men, the hot ones!

Damn it, something needs to be done about this, and I’m not talking about starting a petition. I am constantly informing Robert of my dastardly intentions to convert one gay man at a time, or maybe two or three at a time! I can multi-task well. Robert is part of the plan; he is the lure, so to speak.

Robert’s gay lover is my first intended pupil for re-education, and the plan would go something like this:

  • Lover-Boy wants Robert, because he is freakin hot.
  • Robert makes a tryst conditional upon my being allowed to “watch”.
  • Robert fucks Lover Boy for all he’s worth.
  • Robert tells Lover Boy he wants to spit roast him, but obviously needs a partner to help out.
  • I offer up my strap-on services, so that Robert can feed Lover-Boy his cock.
  • Already a step closer to accepting women, since one has now fucked him.
  • Next, Lover-Boy gets his chance at Robert’s ass. This is where Robert sees my plan starting to unravel.
  • Logical next step – an ass is an ass, so he is prodded by Robert to fuck mine as well. No man, even a gay man would be able to resist. I wont allow it!
  • Here comes the hard part; how do we get Lover-Boy to eat pussy. As you know, I’m a lady who insists on O-O-D (Oral-On-Demand).

So you can see, I am pretty much stuck at this point and can’t get beyond it! My ass is a fine as any man’s, and I can take an ass fucking better than anyone, but my clit is never going to pass for a penis. Though really boys, you have no idea how much better a clit is than a penis.

Robert tells me that my plan could only have a hope of working on a very submissive gay. But darn it, the subs only want to get fucked! What about my needs?!! My pussy is not going to eat itself!

Men can be so selfish. Gay or straight!

There is only one thing for it, my strap-on is coming out, and someone is going to suffer (Robert).

How would you seduce your prey?

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blog From Houseguest: Conversion Therapy

  1. HG, have I told you lately how much I bloody love your attitude 🙂 get them told! Why limit themselves when they could have so much more fun with the both of you? Limits in life are there to be broken 😉

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