Wicked Wednesday: Spanks for nothing!


The past week has been really hard, stressful and nerve wracking. How will it all turn out, will it be ok? Sometimes I don’t deal well with stress, it plays on my mind and keeps me up at night. As a man who loves his sleep and bed, that’s not good.

My beloved Houseguest is much the same. What a pair we make. There is only one thing for it. Something that will make us both feel good and take our minds off the stress we are both feeling: a nice spanking. Not me, you dumbass, her! As you should know, men are not for spanking.

It’s not that my beloved has been naughty, or causing me stress, quite the opposite.  She is my sexy rock. This will do us both good.

Having her over my knees, her beautiful bottom in my face is enough to take my mind off all my stresses. And as her bottom begins to glow, I’m reminded that there are more important things in life than work.

As for Houseguest, the delicate pain of a spanking takes her mind away from trivialities, and reminds her that there is a man in her life that will worship her to his last breath. There is no room for stress when her bottom is smarting and her pussy is soaking wet.

After 15 minutes of loving, passionate spanking there is only one this left to do. That is to fuck her ‘man enslaving’ ass until we both collapse in an orgasmic heap.

So boys, spank with love!

What your stress reliever?

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9 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Spanks for nothing!

  1. Thanks for the stress relief/showing you care. Favor will be returned, Mr. Paddyspanksass/Getsasspanked

  2. Dear Robert,
    I agree ! Spank with love !
    Thank you , I really am glad I met you . Even if it is on a social network .
    Have a good day

  3. Men take note Robert knows what he’s talking about! I would not normally tell him he’s right because he gets a big head, but in this case I give him props! Nothing sets my mind to rights faster then a good hard spank with a soft loving hand.

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