Sinful Sunday: The Pleasure of Watching


There is something incredibly sexy about watching your partner masturbate. I absolutely love to watch Houseguest rub one out. The way her fingers work over her clit, and how her hands explore her body. She loves to caress herself as she works her clit, her free hand will invariably work its way to her nipples. They will become erect and sensitive, like tiny penises. Watching her drives me wild with lust, it takes every ounce of self-control I have not to pounce on her. The smell of her sex soon fills the room, and I can feel my self-control waning.

As pleasure fills her body, she arches her back and her breathing changes. It’s at the stage that she starts of ooh and ah. The murmurs of delight that emanate from her are low and bassy. They come from deep within. A primordial place of base emotions and desire.

People do the sexiest things when they are about to come. Houseguest will start to snarl, and aggression will fill her eyes. Then her toes curl up and she gives the command that I have been waiting for.

“Fuck me”!

No man could disobey such an order.  Everything I have, I put into fucking her.

“Harder, harder, don’t stop, more”.

She never wants it to stop, and as one orgasm subsides, the next builds up. A sharp ‘thrill’ of pain flashes through me as he nails dig into my back. Her second orgasm is always more ‘aggressive’ than the first.  Why else would she wrap her hands around my throat?

The sensation of her beautifully painted hands around my throat is always enough to push me over the edge.

One day I will ask her to complete the job without me fucking her. One day…..

13 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Pleasure of Watching

  1. One day?! Can’t wait to read that blog when that day comes when you actually can ‘disobey such order’ 😉 or maybe it would kinda ruin “everything”. I mean, it’s super HOT that you can’t resist HG and that you can’t disobey!

  2. Dear Robert
    I love the ” Trust ” you & Houseguest have . She is open to letting you watch her . I love how men like that with the person they married . Your lives are your own , you live them in your own way . I hope to have a marriage as trusting as yours .
    #SinfulSunday indeed

  3. Funny, I have never understood why some seem to act like it is the horror of horrors for mate “catch” you masterbating. Even the subject of an episode of sitcom. They were both horrifide and all their friends were horrifiide for them. Isn’t it natural to masterbate for your sexual partner? How is it not a turn on? What is not to love about watching and joining in!!!!!!

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