Fantasy Friday: Know your place!

tied up

I’m not really sure what comes over her. Where it comes from or how long it will last. But there times when Houseguest feels that she must exert her dominance over me.

Hard as it may be for you to believe, but I’m normally the dominant one in this relationship.  I do wear pants after all. But like most men, in reality I am enslaved.

It’s the same every time.

She will wear something very tight and sexy, high heels, Smokey eyes and full red lips.

Her routine is almost always the same. I’ll be ordered to strip, and then examined.

I say examined, what I mean is: groped, licked, scratched and bitten.

Eventually I will be on my knees, looking up at her, as she puts a collar around my neck.

That’s just where she wants me, at her mercy. Not that she is merciful. Oh no. There is no fun in mercy.

There is something quite threatening about being licked by Houseguest.

There is something even more heart pounding about having her stiletto on my chest.

Know your place Robert!

How could I not know my place?

Does your man know his place?

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