Wicked Wednesday: Falling in Love

Love me now

How do you know that you’re in love? Maybe it’s the strange things that you do? ‘Craziness’ that can only be put down to being in ‘love’?

Happy to spend a week’s salary on a pair of killer heels for your beloved? That can only be love!

How does being in ‘love’ change you?

Does your outlook on life suddenly change?

Are you all of a sudden bouncing around like an Easter bunny?

Maybe ‘love’ explains the restlessness, the clock watching? Just two hours until I see her…..just one hour and fifty-nine minutes until I see her….

How does ‘it’ happen? One minute you are fine, happy to have some sexy company, the next you are in L-O-V-E.

It happens just like that, or at least it did to me. There we were, getting ‘personal’, when she hit me. She thumped me on my chest. She thumped me hard. That was the first time we really looked at each other, eye to eye.

Her emerald eyes put a spell on me. ‘Stick with me and all your dreams will come true’.

My heart pounded in my chest.

My body felt like it was on fire.

I wanted to scream.

To hold her so tight I would crush her in my arms.

If I were a beast I would have devoured her.

She went from being just another beautiful woman to being ‘everything’.

The next day I fretted like a teenager. When will I call her? How can I tell her I love her?

How can you fall in love after just spending one night with a person?

So that’s love. From zero to infinity in an instance.

Who said it had to make any sense?

How did you fall in love?

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20 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Falling in Love

    1. My love was 22 and I much older.I had to see him, be with him, in and out of bed as often as possible. I had the desire to make certain that I saw him, my heart would fly when I had.

  1. No excitement here when I fell in love. I was just 17 years old. Shook his hand and never wanted to let it go. He lived 4 hours away so we got to know each other via phone conversations. 6 months later I moved in with him. 17 years later, my heart still skips a beat when he brushes past me or touches me. I count down until he finishes work so I can hug him and be with him. Very boring, maybe old fashioned, but I fell hard and he is my one true soul mate.

  2. Beautiful written!!! I hope I will fall in love as passionately some day but for now, I just read about love, sex and passion unfortunately.

  3. Well, it was a little different for me. I met a man, who literally fucked my brains out. Once I was brain dead and could no longer think for myself, he kept telling me how awesome he was, in between sessions of scorching sex, and sending me a constant stream of naked pics to remind me. Unable to resist his barrage of self-promotion, I joined the chorus of women in his thrall. The rest is history.
    But seriously, it doesn’t matter how love happens for you, as long as it does happen.

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