Sinful Sunday: Bad Boys have all the fun.


Ouch! Stop that! I didn’t really mean ‘stop’, do it some more.

Oooooh that’s nice. 

 Saturday nights are never boring with my beloved Houseguest.

Even less so, when I’m guilty of some transgression.

After a few pints last night, I decided to drop by the fabulous Houseguest. Well, OK. Actually, I was summoned and told to be prompt.

So there I am on her doorstep, a little bit drunk and wondering what has her all feisty. Let me tell you that I sobered up pretty quick, when she opened the front door.

There was my beloved, dressed in a shiny black latex cat suit.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”

“Come in Robert, you naughty boy.”


“Yes, and stop dribbling.”

I would just like to point out that it’s only normal to salivate, when you are faced with a feast.

My transgression? To be spending too much time nattering on Twitter and not enough time eating Houseguest’s pussy!

I did try to remind her that she has OOD (Oral-On-Demand), but she was simply not listening. She informed me, as a good Houseguest, it was her duty to punish me and tame me. Yes, tame me!

Gentlemen, I honestly wanted to put up a fight, but I had no chance.

No chance at all.

“Lick my heels, Robert”. She was wearing 5 inch, Gucci black, patent leather peep toes. Truly, I was fucked. It was better to accept my delicious punishment.

Sending naughty pictures to girls on Twitter. Punishment: hot wax on my particulars.

Flirting with porn stars. Punishment: clamps on my nipples.

Bragging about my body. Punishment: eating pussy until my tongue falls off.

Oh baby, punish me some more. I’m really guilty of that!

So, have I learned my lesson? I’ve learned that with punishment like this, I must be naughty more often. I simply must spend more time on twitter!

I’m feeling totally tamed this morning.

Bad boys really do have all the fun.

How would you punish a naughty boy?

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17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Bad Boys have all the fun.

  1. Dear Robert ,
    I am truly sorry for twitter in you in trouble !
    I am as much responsible as the next girl ! Please send my apology to Houseguest .
    Ps. Thanks for the entry ! We will ( I) try to behave ( winks )
    Much love

  2. I would say it’s ALL the girls keeping Robert so distracted, but that would be laying the blame at someone else’s feet. Robert is responsible for paying more attention to strangers on an app than to his loved ones. OOOOOHHHH the evils of social media

      1. Oh poor baby! I don’twant to Domme you, Just willinto accept any dirty pics that might get you punished.I am kind that way.

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