Guest Blog From Houseguest: Naked Combat Love


Something is not right in this world, when one of the original Olympic sports gets dropped from the games. Robert hears my complaints on this constantly, but his sympathy for my sadness and desperation just won’t bring back Greco-Roman wrestling to the Olympics.

You heard me right, I freakin love watching these amazing athletes grapple for dominance. It makes me horny as hell, being quite a fan of dominance myself. Plenty of fantasies/visions roam my head of the original Olympics where women weren’t allowed and the wrestling was done nude. Just why do you think women weren’t allowed? Because all that testosterone, aggression and dominance end in the loser getting fucked soundly by the hot, sweaty winner. Ok, that is just my personal belief/fantasy, but I stand by it. I mean really, they were nude, after all. Can’t have the ladies around for that kind of show. The games would go on for days, no doubt a live sex show of epic proportions taking place. That’s real brotherhood and bonding for you. I would give anything to have been a fly on the wall.

Robert indulges my love of wrestling, and we actually do have our fair share of naked matches to prove it. I always win, of course, but Robert never minds losing. It’s all about fun, hot sex, and dominance. Robert is naturally bigger and stronger, but he is no match for my super-snatch offense moves. Don’t envision me playing fair; I play to win.

If you ever want to naked-wrestle your lover, this is what works for me:

  • Robert would never, ever hurt me, so I use this and all my strength against him.
  • The demented look on face and my taunts to his manhood keep Robert giggling and less able to defend himself. Tickles help too.
  • If I manage to get him on his back with his hands pinned above his head even briefly, it’s all over for him. He is distracted by my breasts, and then before he can even blink, there is a pussy poised above his head as well.
  • All men claim delightful defeat at this point, because hey, what’s the point in continuing when you have a pussy in your face.
  • A king size bed helps!

With all this in mind, my lover gave me a special treat. When I emerged from the bathroom last night, Robert was already under the covers with the laptop open.

“I have something for you. You’re gonna like it. Come see.”

Ooohhh, a surprise. Very intriguing. Then my eyes light up, as I see Robert has put on a video of Naked Combat for me. (It’s a big, moneymaking industry, in case you didn’t know. Google it.) This man really knows how to turn on his woman. After watching the men grapple and fuck, I was ready for the same. No other foreplay needed!

Greco-Roman may sadly be gone from the Olympics, but lovers everywhere will pay homage through our own naked combat skills. Let the games begin!

What super combat skills do you use to get what you want?

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15 thoughts on “Guest Blog From Houseguest: Naked Combat Love

  1. Try the sleeper hold. If they’re still awake the thighs get tighter, If they feign they’re asleep, then it’s time for them to wake up…that’s when the fun starts – tee hee.

  2. This brings back some interesting memories for me… there’s something pretty heady about dominating another man like this and then making him submit… and then taking him in whatever way you choose to…

      1. Well, yeah, it was all good (at that time) but it taught me some things about myself that, today, I still haven’t quite come to terms with. I not only wrestled back in the day but I studied judo and karate (got black belts in both) so, at contests, it was no big deal to be tussling with another guy, both fighting for dominance and the win and maybe even having a boner while defeating the other guy – but in a non-sexual way… until I was made to experience it in a sexual way (still pissed about that) and, yeah, it’s a rush and a half…

  3. Naked combat is hot. Everyone should give it a try. I will take on all challengers, as long as you are naked!

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