Men are not for Spanking!


I’m 6 foot, 2 inches tall.

I weigh the best part of fourteen and a half stones.

I play rugby.

Twenty stone fatties have flattened me, and yet I’ve still gotten up.

My pain threshold is high.

But, listen carefully, I don’t like getting spanked! I don’t like it one bit. Can I make it clearer?

No, no, no!

It hurts and I don’t like it.

Yet, my beloved Houseguest is obsessed with spanking me. She simply does not understand that it is against the natural order of the world.

Indeed, it is an abomination! Men are just not meant to get spanked by women.

She will wrestle me, to try and get me on my front, thus exposing my rather hot ass to her.

Smack, smack. Oh papa, papa. Smack, smack!

Stop already!

She never does. Not until I lose my temper, and have to teach her a lesson.

A spanking is a fitting punishment for her deviant, godless behaviour. That’s just what she gets, until she is good and wet.

Yet somehow, this she-devil is still able to get me on my knees with my tongue in her bum.

What the hell! Wasn’t I just spanking her?

How is this woman able to do these things?

Women! They are a mystery to me.

How do you get what you want from your partner?

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31 thoughts on “Men are not for Spanking!

  1. How dare you, Man! Your ass is soooo perfect for spanking, and absolutely NO ONE deserves it more than you!!

    And, it is my serious naked combat skills that land you on your knees with your tongue in my ass……..MORE ON NAKED COMBAT AT A LATER DATE……

  2. I like to spank my man, but it always ends badly for me. My way of thinking is what’s good for the goose….. But apparently the goose does not think like me.
    As for getting what I want…… I’m a woman. Enough said.

  3. Hi Robert. Thanks for the follow. I’m a medical doctor in the US. When I get some time to read at work, I love to sit and read something sexy. Your blog is the best. I can read a couple short posts and get back to work. Love the sexy guy pics and the S and M!

  4. I doth think that Robert is protesting a little too loudly over this subject, therefore I agree with the others here that you secretly love having you ass spanked until it is warm & red. I think HG should give some punishment spanking with that ruler or slipper; which Robert describes early in this blog. 😉 As this little one knows it is when the brat appears in us all is when we need and want the hardest spanking 😉 you know the type Robert the spanking where you need to sit on air to be comfortable.

  5. Who deserves a sound spanking more than men, such naughty little creatures, they need to learn that it is women who are in charge.

  6. LMAO! Like lectabell said, “What’s good for the goose….” And I do think You secretly like it, Robert, You naughty boy! Besides, isn’t it really the sub who’s in control, not the Dom? That’s what i’ve heard anyway.

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