Sinful Sunday: Taming Robert Part 2


My beloved Houseguest is a godsend. I simply don’t know where I would be without her. Well I do, I’d still be in a Sex Rage. Seeing that my suffering was great, she laid on a delightful bisexual foursome for me. From experience, Houseguest knows that when I’m suffering from Sex Rage (Dimorphic Sex Iram Gestu syndrome), intensive MFMF Therapy is required.

Their mission was straightforward; to fuck me until there was no more fight left in me.

You see, that is how the treatment works; they fuck me, not the other way around. Each of them would need to take charge and dominate me, whether my cock was in them or not. This is not an easy thing, and requires a steely determination.

This kind of treatment cannot be rushed, but eventually, several hours later, my Sex Rage had completely subsided. Once more, I was at peace. The same could not be said of my therapists. As the Sex Rage mist cleared I surveyed the view before me. It was like a scene from the Battle of the Bulge. Bodies strewn about the room, panting and dripping with sweat.

What had happened to these once beautiful creatures?

My beloved Houseguest, make-up all smudged, lifted her head and asked me, “Are you cured”?

“Cured? There is no cure my love”.

“Oh God”, with those words she passed out.

Not a peep was heard from the three of them until the late morning. Full of beans, I wanted to take them out for brunch. But all they wanted was to go home to bed.

In fact, they looked rather worn out and deathly.

I hope Sex Rage is not contagious….

How do you treat your Sex Rage?

Taming Robert Part 1

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