Guest Blog From Houseguest: Robert Aims to Please


Robert loves to please me, especially when it comes to fulfilling my sexual desires. This thought crossed my mind recently, as I stole glances at my favorite piece of “eye candy” in the gym.

Said “eye candy” is the most beautiful gay man I know: face of a cover model, body of a Greek God, and positively flamboyantly homo. I love gay men, and they love me right back, just not in the same “I really think you’re hot and want to fuck your brains out” kind of way. Too bad for me, but that doesn’t stop erotic images from popping into my head during spinning class, when the sweat is dripping off “Mr. Candy’s” body.

Never one to be deterred from getting what I want, which would be some action with Mr. Candy, I decided there is a way to meet my needs with a little help from Robert. Still in the Gym, I called Robert and told him I wanted him to fuck the hottest gay man alive for me, while I watch and rub one out.

There was no hesitation on Robert’s part at all. His lucky day really: he gets to fulfill my fantasies and fuck a hot guy at the same time. The question was, “How to set it up”? Robert immediately sent me a scorchingly hot body shot of himself, which no right-minded gay man could refuse. Now for my part, I had to convince a near stranger of my plan. Never let it be said that I don’t have balls, but you may say that I am insane.

So, over I go to Candy with my proposition. “Hey, Candy. I have to talk to you in private.” No problem there. He is totally unsuspecting at this point. “I have been telling a friend of mine about you, and he asked me to show you this.” Out comes Robert’s glorious body shot. “He wants to know, if you’d be interested in this?”

No hesitation on Candy’s part either. One look into my eyes, and a resounding “Yes” from his lips. There is even a compliment for my efforts. “Damn, you are a real fairy Godmother!” Convincing a gay man to fuck a hottie is like offering a junkie his drugs. Easy peasy. Now comes the hard part.

“Here’s the thing, Candy. We come as a package deal. If you’re into women, that’s great for me. If not, I get to watch the two of you, because it really turns me on.” Candy’s mouth did fall open a little in shock, but he recovered quickly. Not surprisingly, he isn’t into women. Being watched is something he has never done before, but loves the idea of the experience. It turns him on to think about it. A little more discussion about Robert’s age, ethnicity, and “dimensions”, and I have Candy on my hook.

I called Robert to tell him he has officially and successfully been pimped by his new Madame. This was way too easy, and I’m thinking I may have a career in pimping Robert out. God knows, he wouldn’t mind.

A few more days and I get my special treat.

What special treats have you laid on for your partner??

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9 thoughts on “Guest Blog From Houseguest: Robert Aims to Please

  1. Lol I wish I had something to add to your fabulous post, G…but I don’t. Do you mean we have to put up with his bitching for a few more days?! I’m hoping it’s like women’s PMS (every 28 days), so eventually it’ll fall on a weekend. 🙂

    1. We do have to put up with the bitching a little longer. Be kind to Robert though, as you can see how he takes such good care of me!! 🙂

  2. HG you know we love it when you shove Robert aside and post for us 🙂 I love the thought of you pimping Robert out, we need to get you in a pimp outfit. I cannot wait o find out how this one plays out. Have a wonderfully wet time xxxxx

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