Sinful Sunday: Carpet Burn


My beloved Houseguest has the body of an angel and the attitude of a demon. It is this dichotomy that makes her so interesting. I’m not sure where her demented character comes from, but her fine body is the work of countless hours in the gym with a personal trainer.

No matter what, she will find time to get to the gym. However, this is not always a good idea. She was left quite red faced yesterday, when her trainer commented on the carpet burn on her knees. What could she possibly say? Nothing, she just had to suck it up, like she had been earlier that morning! There are no secrets between Houseguest and her trainer, and he truly could appreciate her explanation of how she got the knee scrapes. How she loves to tease the men.

She was embarrassed but like I told her, carpet burn is a price worth paying for the enjoyment of sucking my dick. She didn’t disagree. But it did get us both thinking about the dangers of good sex. Think of all the accidents you have had while getting up to no good:

  • Getting poked in the eye by a penis.
  • Cum induced ‘pink eye’.
  • Falling off the bed, and breaking a rib.
  • Spraining a calf muscle.
  • Bashing your head against the headboard, and getting a black eye.

And those are just some of mine.

The way I see it, all my sex injuries were worth it, in the light of the great sex I was having at the time. Sex bruises are good bruises, after all.

What nasty injury have you done to yourself in the name of getting off?

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34 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Carpet Burn

  1. Don’t know that I could call it an injury, but was a little worried about the after effects of some serious vaginal DP. Would I ever be the same again or always need two cocks at once to fill me? What’s a girl to do? Love her men, that’s what!

    1. Imagine being filled by two hot men…shall we say, your Hubby and Robert? An experience not to be denied.

  2. Ouch!! Does he need punishment again? Just let me know! Don’t set your expectations too high; he is a mere MAN ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. All I’ve gotten was an elbow in the face and some sore muscles lol. Well now that I think about it I have had the carpet burn on multiple body parts too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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