Fantasy Friday: Gay Pants V Straight Pants

Good Pants

He has a winning smile. And you can see that he has a great body even with his clothes on. You can’t wait to get him naked and have your wicked way with him.

Your seduction is going to plan: nice food, fine wine, romantic music.

The blood is pumping and you get him back to your place. You begin to slowly undress him and…and… and he is wearing straight pants.

Straight pants: too big, too baggy, too old and not sexy. Not sexy at all.

What kind of man wears straight pants?

The answer is simple: not the kind of man you want to fuck.

OK, that’s wrong. Not the kind of man who is going to be any good at fucking.

Talk about falling at the last hurdle.

Is there anything more disappointing than dodgy underwear on a guy? Is there anything that is more of a passion killer? No, nothing.

Maybe you are thinking, just get them off and have some fun. But what lies beneath dodgy underpants? There could be some horror that might scar you for life.

What men need to wear are gay pants. Snug, fitted, fresh smelling (sex smelling accepted), perfectly cut, new and filled out to perfection.

A man who takes the time to wear the right underpants is the kind of man who will take the time to make sure you come.

So listen up men:

Straight pants: keep them on and get out!

Gay pants: get them off and fuck me!


What is your worst passion killer?

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Gay Pants V Straight Pants

  1. Smelly men! Gross!! I can live with the straight undies, but a man who can’t shower at least once a day? Move on! Nothing better than a freshly soaped-up man. No need for aftershave or cologne (though some do smell really yum), just all clean man.

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