Wicked Wednesday: Wand Disaster

tied up

As I have said before, a good woman is a tamed woman. With this in mind, I have recently been stocking up with some new taming equipment. A new whip, some nipple clamps; the usual kind of stuff.

As part of my ongoing attempt to keep Houseguest in a state of being semi-tame, I procured a cordless wand. One should always be able to tame one’s lady on the fly without having to look for a power socket. You could be at the super market, the gym, the orthodontist, and need to do a bit of high quality taming.

But, disaster! The cordless wand was DOA!!

A dead wand is as about as useful as a limp dick. This would not normally be the end of the world, but I had been remiss in my duties and not tamed Houseguest for a day. I needed the big guns to bring her swiftly back into line. The sexy siren was already turning feral. She even laughed at my proclamation of being a Dom!!!

Simply unacceptable.

Thankfully, as the product of a private school education, I had my old school skills to fall back upon. I swiftly tied her wrists to the bed and spread her legs.

25 minutes of prolonged orgasmic pussy eating later and Houseguest is well on the way to being ‘tame’ again.

There are not many things on the planet more alluring than a wet pussy, and a wet pussy needs filling with a big cock. Taming has to be done right! No half jobs.

One bedraggled Houseguest later, I reminded her who the Dom was. This time there was no laughing. Only smiles and kisses.

Remember gentlemen, to spare yourself ridicule, keep your woman tame!

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23 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Wand Disaster

  1. Is it wrong to say it makes me giggle too when you say you’re Dom??? *giggles* Robert, I still believe that HG knows exactly what’s she’s doing when she’s being naughty and we all know you simply cannot resist hot HG 😉 The tamer may simply be the tamee 😉 xxxxx

      1. It was sheer laziness, you turning to the wand in the first place(sigh). The tongue is always the king! Feel so disappointed, you know better than that. HG you should tie him up and sit on his face until he becomes less “forgetful” of the basics. (sigh).

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