Sinful Sunday: Easter Eggs

Anal Easter Eggs

Easter is such a funny holiday. Usually when the Irish have a public holiday we go out and get totally trollied. Yet, if you will believe this, Good Friday is a dry day in Ireland. You heard it right. Pubs and restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol. Maybe it’s some kind of penance for our debauched behavior on Paddy’s Day?  Having said that, we do panic buy on the Thursday beforehand, party like mad and then spend Friday sleeping it off. It’s the only way we can cope with dry day.

People do such odd things when trying to cope with stress. Take my beloved Houseguest, she is very stressed right now. She keeps fussing; it’s how she copes. Work is playing on her mind, so as a good man, it’s my duty to de-stress her. It being Easter I should de-stress her with eggs. No not chocolate Easter eggs, she’s not a child. No, I’m talking about chrome steel love eggs linked together on a leather band. I fully intend on sticking them up her bum as I fuck her, then pulling them out as she comes. I’m just so good to her

Is there any better tonic than sex when it comes to stress? I reckon not. Of course I could buy her sexy heels, a new handbag, take her out to dinner, and I will but what she really needs is to cum so hard she wets herself.

Oh yes, and a big hug.

What do you reach for when you are stressed?

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