Fantasy Friday: Bad Friday

Nude in front of TV

When I was child, mother told me to always be good. But I‘ve long since learned that there is no fun in being good.

Why? Because getting punished is fun! Naturally, my beloved Houseguest knows this, which would explain her deviant behaviour.

She simply won’t be tamed. But that doesn’t stop me trying.

She will deliberately antagonise me, walking in front of the TV in a pair of 4 inch peep toe heels and lace knickers.

Being the lenient man that I am, I will try ignoring her. But it’s no good and I am forced to apply corrective admonishment.

Her delicate bottom is soon red from spanking, and her pussy soaking wet.

“Are you going to walk in front of the TV again when I’m watching Leinster play”?

“No Robert”.

Bless her, she is a woeful liar.

And no one likes getting lied to, so I am forced to pull her hair as I fuck her pussy.

But she never learns. So there I am, synchronising my spanking, hair pulling and thrusting.

You are quite right, she is one naughty Houseguest.

It’s only after she has collapsed in a post orgasmic heap on the floor that I can get back to the game.

Whoever said being in love would be easy!

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11 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Bad Friday

  1. Easy is over rated and boring, who wants that????
    As for watching TV when HG is in peep toes and lace!!!! This should warrant YOU being spanked – BAD ROBERT!!!!

  2. Robert you went back to the game naughty Robert, you should have been the one being spanked babes. Tutt tutt even more so for ignoring a lady who dressed up for you.

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