Wicked Wednesday: Young, innocent & hot!

office sex

Interns, everywhere I look, interns!

Each of them 19 or 20 years old, and not an ounce of common sense between them!

This is how teachers must feel the first day at kindergarten. I’m surrounded by innocent young adults, who don’t have a clue about the world. 

They do have one saving grace, they are all hot.

Well, you wouldn’t hire young, dumb and ugly would you?

Well, at least I wouldn’t!

But, I’m starting to regret it now. They are useless! My long suffering PA is exasperated.

‘Robert, why they hell did you hire them’! 

‘Because they are hot’.

Who wants a bunch of nerds cluttering up the office? I’m not talking about hot and slutty nerds in glasses.

Yes, please.

So I’m stuck with 5 pretty air heads milling about the office, getting under everyone’s feet. Doing everything wrong and making my blood boil. 

The worst of them is Aisling, a dippy, hippy, south Dublin rich kid. She could not even get my coffee order right.

I just want to bend her over my desk and punish her.

Her ass would be as red as a London bus.

Sadly, my PA has already spotted my sex rage and warned me off.

What is the point of hiring innocent hotties, if it’s not to seduce them in your corner office?

But the fact remains that these rich kids need to be punished. They need to be taught a lesson.

They need to learn what’s on and what’s not.

They need to be in my bed!

Is there someone at work you would like to punish?


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12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Young, innocent & hot!

  1. Now now Robert, you seem to want to punish everyone of late 😉 maybe HG needs to be the one to dish out the punishment to you!!! You need to teach these young hot things the way of the world outside of your bedroom!!!! Or think with other parts of your body when doing interviews 😉 it’s your poor PA I feel the most for, that poor woman has to put up with your sex rage AND the airheads! That girl needs a raise.

    Who would I punish at work??? Pretty much the bloody lot of them of late and there would be no happy ending for any of them – sexual denial is one hell of a punishment in it’s self :p

    So either go teach these girls or interview with your eyes shut so that you can hire brains over beauty 🙂 even geeks can be hot you know xxxxx

    1. Lisa, in my defence I would just like to say that good looks are very important in my industry! You not know but we in advertising can be a little vacuous!
      And as the boss I think its well within my rights to punish anyone who works for me.
      I’m only talking about a little spanking and maybe a little hair pulling!
      The PA is well compensated,she gets a great rise every day and gets to work with me.
      Oh and I am well aware geeks can be hot, I love slutty nerds!

      1. As always you broke a very good argument 🙂 may I suggest you start taking your coffee black with no sugar to make it easier for your delightful interns lol
        Again you are right, your PA does get the pleasure of your company everyday which I’m sure causes much giggles at times 🙂
        But a little spanking and some hair pulling???? I remember I had a boss once who had this look in his eye, I swear that when he gave to that look – you almost bent yourself over his desk 😉 well worth being a little naughty :p

        Slutty nerds are hot!!!!! Men and women alike :p

        1. Life should never be made easy for interns!
          My coffee order is simple: two shot latte with skinny milk, cinnamon and and dash if vanilla syrup.

          My PA is a gem. I give her a rise every year! And I will bed her!

          I love slutty nerds, the man nerds are mire fun, you can really plough them!

  2. That’s two nights in a row that you have made me giggle Robert 🙂 I hope your coffee is to your standards tomorrow and I have no doubt that your PA will make you work damn hard for your little fantasy xxxxx

  3. Must I continue to say this? Leave the fucking interns alone, before I punish you!!! You will be without a job otherwise, Mr. India!

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