Sinful Sunday: Tranni-tastic

ts sex

After a tough week in the office, there is no better way of getting the weekend rocking than with a foursome. These things can’t be rushed. There is no better foreplay than hanging out together at a BDSM club, half naked and watching all the shenanigans to get us hard and wet.

The girls get a spanking and the men to get to show off how hot their women are.

All is going to plan, when temptation comes our way.

She is tall.

She is wearing a corset.

She has stocking and suspenders.

She has bright red lips.

She has doe eyes.

She has a big cock.

She was a tranny, and Barry was enthralled.

So there we are: HG, Angie and I making polite conversation, while Barry spends twenty minutes kissing and caressing his newfound friend.

OK, she can come and play.

Our foursome had turned into a five-some. So, off we all went back to my place for some kinky fuckery.

The five-some, that I had envisaged, turned into a threesome and a twosome.  Barry simply had eyes only for his new plaything. He really does not like sharing new toys. No Matter, I had HG and Angie all to myself. A FMF is no burden at all!

Come the morning, our tranny friend had disappeared. What happens to trannys in the morning? Do they revert to some other state of dress? Who knows?

Anyway, Barry truly looked like the cat that got the cream. He just simply glowed. Why not? He got a special new play mate all to himself.

However, for failure to share his toys, he had to be punished.  As a grown man, he should know by now that it’s rude not to share.

His punishment? To be relay-fucked by the girls and their big strapons, while I pumped his throat.


Maybe; but it’s the only way he will learn. We ‘learned’ him good.

Oh, and he had to cook breakfast!

Who is your fantasy toy and would you share?

Who is your fantasy toy and would you share?

When Barry met Angie 

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18 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Tranni-tastic

  1. Well Robert, your weekend certainly was not dull 🙂 a wedding and a not to be 5-some 😉 have you every thought that Barry simply loves your lessons??? Lol
    I’m a very nice girl and my mum always told me to share lol tis the only way xxx

  2. Wow. When we were little kids sitting in a circle in kindergarten class learning about sharing, who knew just what this could mean years later! When I feel like something is mine, I’m not the most obliging to share it with others. I think I tuned out during that sharing lesson in school, and I get a sense your man Barry might have been daydreaming during that class, too. 😉

      1. Whoa, wait a second. I’m about pleasure not pain. As long as the punishment fits the crime and includes lips, tongue, wine and chocolate, I’ll continue hoarding my toys all I want! Ha 😉 ck

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