Fantasy Friday: Red is the colour

Spank and finger

Poor Houseguest, there are times that she simply can’t sit down. You see, red really is her colour, or to be more exact, red is the colour that looks best on her pert bottom.

No, not red knickers, I mean a warming red blush all over those sexy ass cheeks.

I don’t know why I like spanking her so much. It’s not like she’s a naughty…. I take that back. Houseguest is incredibly playful/disobedient, and at times, only a spanking will stop her. However, I enjoy spanking her even when she is being good. It comes as more of a surprise then!

Seeing her bottom go from tan, to warm pink, to hot red makes me so incredibly hard. The skin on her ass is soft, but the flesh is hard and toned. It’s crying out to be spanked and bitten! Feeling her wetness against me also just heightens the experience.

Of course, there is a distraction; it’s her asshole. Try as I might, I simply can’t resist it. You know that Houseguest has had enough of spankings, when she spreads her legs and lifts her bum up to me, revealing her bum hole.

“You want it, Robert”?


“Lick it, Robert”!

“Yes ma’am”!

From being the man in charge and doing the spanking, I find myself on my knees with my tongue buried up her ass. Fancy that.

Women, what magical powers they have! Houseguest constantly reminds me what simple creatures we men are and how easy we are to control. In my defense, I would like to point out that Houseguest is the first woman to have truly tamed me and won my heart.

As I like to tell her, Robert doesn’t just spank any any old woman, he only spanks the love of his life.

How do you like to be spanked?

What do you do to wriggle free?

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