Wicked Wednesday: Swinging: Sharing is caring.


Jealousy, I just don’t get it. Well that’s not true. I do feel jealousy, under certain circumstances, but just not when it comes to sex.

Actually that’s not true, I feel jealous when I’m not getting the sex I deserve.

But, when my fabulous Houseguest is eating pussy or being fucked by another man, I don’t think how dare she, no I think fuck yeah!

I guess that’s why we are swingers. Though, I hate the term ‘swingers’. We enjoy sex, and we enjoy seeing each other with other people. Who does not want to watch beautiful people having sex?

It doesn’t impact on my concept of Houseguest being mine.

And she is mine, but I like to share her, as she likes to share me.

Didn’t you learn that sharing is caring?

It’s because I love her I want her to have mind blowing sex. In fact, it’s my duty to lay on spit roasts, DP, and BBC whenever she needs it! Oh, and as much pussy as she can eat.

It brings a tear to my eyes, to think that there are women out there not getting regular spit roasts. Life can be so cruel.

Ladies, don’t you deserve it? Damn right you do!!

Gentlemen, you need to cop on, and do right by your women! So get those play dates arranged stat.

This weekend, I have a special treat in store for Houseguest. I’ve laid on her favourite foursome play partners.


It’s not her birthday.

It’s not our anniversary.

It’s just that I love her. And she deserves to cum until she wets herself!

Like I said, sharing is caring.

Why would be your ideal threesome or foursome play partners?


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38 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Swinging: Sharing is caring.

      1. My current ID seems to be stuck on your site and won’t log out, so I’m gonna say… hypothetically speaking… Hmmm, if you weren’t available (cause I know how you are an extremely busy executive and all) I’d pick real time Jovi (that’s a given), and younger, “Slippery When Wet” Jovi. And because I’m open to possibilities, throw another woman in the mix, just to see what happens.

  1. Wow. Just wow. What trust and security you both have. That’s really something. I’d like to think I’d be secure enough to entertain the concept of three or four but I’d be kidding myself. Only in my fantasies, I guess. As for who…hmm…I can think of a few, mostly film actors. Since I subscribe to “eyes are window to the soul” theory, I would first need a photo or two showing eyes not just torsos from at least one of them before I ventured off to FantasyLand. 😉 ck

      1. Me in charge in the sack?! Oh, Robert, if you only knew how funny that statement is… I am truly one of those ladies who is in charge of everything everywhere else but there. There, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle to me. Ha! P.S. I think you missed my subtle request I hinted at…the eyes have it…

  2. My husband and I definitely agree that sharing is caring. Well, he still needs to be shared by another woman and myself. I’m told I have to go out to find her but I don’t go out enough to make it happen. Does Houseguest have friends that she calls up to share with you or just for her pussy licking pleasure? I need that. Actually we just need to meet another couple like us that is open to switching it all up for nights full of hot sex.

      1. Oh that sounds fun! I guess as our kids get older we can enjoy such things. But I’m getting a black book now, that sounds like a great idea (a little extra motivation to fill pages, perhaps.)

  3. Robert and HG, you guys are simply too cool for school 🙂 I’m sure both of your mad skills will be put to use this weekend 🙂 who would I pick? People who were creative, fun and VERY energetic 🙂

  4. Are there any women who wouldn’t love to be the center of attention for multiple men at once? It’s a no brainer to me.

    1. Young executive Robert is sleeping, so I shall take over his evil empire. HA!!
      I don’t know what to say…. Are you talking about Bon Jovi? That’s the only Jovi I know of. Otherwise, you are talking over my head again😯

  5. Hilarious!! I miss threesomes. Being tied up, played with….. makes me shudder just thinking about it. Foursomes….. well (grin!!) Maybe one day i’ll get back to it xxxxxx But a combination of Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp and Bruce Wilis. Can’t decide on women, i’m a bit fussy about them.

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