Fantasy Friday: Taming your woman


Some of you ladies might be shocked to read this, but a woman must be tamed! And you are precisely the kind of woman that needs taming the most.

There are many benefits to taming a woman. Admittedly, most of these are benefits for the man, but theoretically, a woman too could benefit from being tamed.

You see, unruly and wild women are never happy. They constantly bitch and moan. Oh, and try to take over your life!

And no, I don’t mean good bitching and moaning.

   ‘Robert, you need to be eating my pussy more’! Good bitching.

   ‘Robert, go put out the trash’. Bad bitching.

   ‘Harder, harder’! Good moaning.

   ‘I wish you would stop looking at other women’s bottoms’. Bad moaning.

Before you know it, she re-organising your stuff, and in control of your diary.

So, how do you go about taming an unruly woman? Firstly, never let her know that you are trying to tame her. It will only make your job harder.

You will need several tools, but be forewarned, you will need to keep your resolve. There will be times you feel there is no end in sight, you have to accept that your woman will never truly be tame and will require constant attention.

The most important tool is your hand. You must grope her repeatedly, letting her know how hot her body is and that it belongs to you.

The second most important tool is a good set of restraints. You will need to restrain her daily, for taming purposes.

The third most important tool is your tongue. You must lick every part of her to subdue her fiery spirit.

Fourth, a good set of paddles, whips, canes and toys. You will need these to beat the fight out of her.

After groping, restraining, eating, spanking and toying with your woman, you must fuck her to orgasm. That’s her orgasm, not yours, stupid! You must ensure that her orgasm is of the earth shattering, knee trembling variety.

You must repeat this daily. Failure to do so will undo the progress of the day before.

I know what you are thinking. Your woman is particularly unruly. No woman is beyond saving. An especially wild woman just needs more specialised care.

I have found that hair pulling, biting, breath control, nipple play, ass licking and generous use of the Hitachi wand do provide encouraging results. But perhaps most importantly, you will need to provide multiple orgasms. This last tool has proven to be extremely useful in reaching said orgasms.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a tame woman; she will love, respect and worship you.

So let’s recap:

Unruly woman: bad.

Tame woman: good.


Do you agree? Should a woman be tamed or is it more fun being wild? 

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21 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Taming your woman

  1. I guess I should say thanks for trying to tame me. I definitely appreciate all your efforts! I will certainly try to keep my moaning in check. mmmm

  2. Tamed!!!! Dear Robert, that’s just what we let you boys THINK. Of course we love the effort you put into TRYING to tame us, but never think you have the upper hand 😉 just because we a not organising your life doesn’t mean we are greatly influencing it lol some women are just crazier than others, I guess you’d call them untamed. Never confuse a real woman and an unruly one that needs taming xxx

  3. Robert I don’t think you even got close to taming your naughty HG as I suspect she throw you a large number of curve balls you would think like that. We all know how much you love it when she does something that you ain’t expecting.

    Like Paige says we women all have the angel side and our devil side and we like to show both these sides at times.

    Although I admit to my little devil side is been out to play more and more over the last year and I love it.

    1. HG is a particularly difficult woman. I will continue with the process of trying to tame her. It may take until we are old and wrinkly, but I accept its a long term project.
      Her demonic side drives me nuts, as she well knows. Would I have her be any different? Never in a million years!

  4. Lol love it! My fiance would never want me “tame.” He loves my kinky wild side! But, with your method of “taming” a woman, he can tame me any time!

    But, of course, he already does those things to me! And I love it! He is the only man that I have ever been able to be myself with.
    So, I think that i have been “tamed.”

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