Wicked Wednesday: Denial of Servicing


People often complain that they are not getting what they want, or what they need. As if they have some god given right to ‘it’ and that by not getting ‘it’, they are suffering some great injustice.

Well boo hoo to you!

What these people don’t understand is that a little patience makes things a whole lot more fun.

Take the fabulous Houseguest, she believes that it is her right to have her pussy eaten as and when she commands.


As an orally fixated man, I’m pretty sympathetic to her demands, but where is the fun in just giving her what she wants?

What she wants and needs are orgasms. Of the highest quality, and those require time and effort.

Houseguest has very little patience when she is in one of her sex rages, and gets delightfully frisky. So I’m faced with no option but to tie her up. Struggle as she may, she is never able to get free, which gives me plenty of time to lick every part of her body, apart from pussy, that is.

Within 60 minutes she is like that girl from the Exorcist, saying all manner of things and making all manner of demands!

Language that would make a whore blush.

I do like to see her beg…..

Naturally, I acquiesce to her demands, but by this time she will be so turned on and wet that she is ready to come.

My better judgement tells me not to release her, but what can I say. I’m a soft touch.

As soon as her restraints are loosened my head is locked in place by her sexy legs and her hands are tugging on my hair.

Any deviation, hesitation or non-repetition is met with a sharp tug of my barnet.

Feeling her come on my tongue reminds me that it’s always best to deny her what she wants until she really needs it.

Now that’s doing her justice.

What wicked demands do you make?

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18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Denial of Servicing

  1. Well, well…. I won’t make you wait for your torture, Baby. I’ll give it to you straight up. You have left me feeling a little on edge and sadistic. You – my place at 8pm tomorrow. Strapped to the bed. Inflatable dildo up your ass. Sounding wand in your cock. When the pain and pleasure become too much for you, then I’ll sit on your face and let you lick me till I orgasm. Careful now, don’t forget about that wand in your cock. Oohh, you want a little more pleasure with your pain? Fine. Out comes the sounding wand to be replaced by my mouth, but the inflatable stays until you orgasm. Don’t dare be late!

  2. I must admit that I do make demands. Lol But, my fiance doesn’t mind one bit! And he knows how to make sure I get what I want. During the day, he’ll message me several times. He’ll text raunchy things that make me wet and tell me that I’m not allowed to cum until he tells that I can. Usually, I have to wait all day until he’s home. Then he’ll tie me up and tease me until I’m ready to break the ropes. When he finally orders me to cum, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before! I love orgasm denial!

  3. Have to say I’m loving this post. 🙂 And your blog for that matter…although I’ve already told you that. Thanks for the naughty night time reading before bed. 😉

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