Fantasy Friday: Love is the breakfast of champions


You know you are loved, when the woman of your dreams places her hands round your throat and tells you that you are. Men, the simple creatures that we are, need to have it spelt out for us.

Who does not want to be desired, needed and loved?

Is there anything better than than being told ‘I love you’.

That’s not to say, that it carries the same weight on all occasions.

Saying ‘I love you’ as you come is not the same.

That’s the thing with feelings and emotions. They are complex, and even we simple men have complex feelings.

But this whole thing can be turned on its head.

When Houseguest greedily sucks me off and I give her the ‘breakfast of champions’, I can’t I help but love her even more.

Like I said, feelings are complex.

Houseguest is a ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ kind of girl. She whips me, slaps me, and scratches me. Nothing makes her happier than seeing me tied up and at her delicious mercy.

I fucking love it!

As for me, nothing makes me happier than waking up with her in my arms, and looking at her while she’s asleep. She’s mine. She’s happy. She’s safe.

It makes my heart pound and fills me with energy. I’ll take on the world for this woman.

Because love is the true breakfast of champions.

How do you know that you are loved?

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19 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Love is the breakfast of champions

  1. Wow Robert, love in the morning, love in the afternoon and love in the evening. Love is one of the truest things we as humans can give and experience. Waking up next to the one we love is a magical thing.
    For me, knowing I’m loved is being made to giggle. I know that sounds girlie, but even when me and hubs have an argument and we can be mad as hell it always ends in giggles. Toy fighting – giggles, watching a movie (even sad ones) – giggles. Even simply walking around the supermarket – giggles.
    Love is so special and we should remind those we love just how special they are as often a possible

  2. i know i’m loved when cradled in my husband’s arms at night after having great sex, and he tenderly kisses the top of my head. i feel treasured.

  3. Aww! So sweet! I am lucky that my hubby is very affectionate and likes to touch me often so I spend most days feeling loved. Then there are the dreaded two days out of the month where I fell like shit and I don’t want a single finger to come near me, but hubby will continue to caress my arm, rub an ankle, kiss me whenever he passes by. I get so annoyed that I’ll start yelling for him to stop, but he never does. He just smiles and continues on with his affectionate ways and in the end my bad mood lifts and I’m snuggling with him as usual. That’s when I feel most loved, when my crappy mood doesn’t bring him down.

  4. Such moments, in bed and with the rest of the world held at bay, are possibly the most perfect form of escape. Can we just lock ourselves away and continue on until hunger forces us out of our fantasy! A holiday without ever leaving home.

    1. HG now can you write like that and keep it to yourself??? I love those mornings where you simply ignore the hunger just for that bit longer in the arms of the one you love. I pretty much say this every time Robert posts of his love for you, but you guys really are so lucky to have each other, to complete each other and to make each other happy. Love is to be cherished and celebrated with every kiss, every look and every lick 😉

  5. Wow, I didn’t expect that we’d even hear from you today, Robert… or any of the next few days for that matter. *cue the porn music * 😉 Great question – how do you know you are loved? I think ceblack above said it best. If you’ve already got that special chemistry, then of course you’re going to feel loved when you’re looking your finest and making the effort… it’s when you are NOT in the mood to even think about romance. When work has you stressed – family’s in your face and annoying the hell out of you – or you just don’t “feel” pretty and possibly you don’t look it either…and he still wants to kiss you. Or touch you. It’s during THOSE moments when despite everything working against romance, he can see past all of those distractions and obstacles, and simply…love you. It might be making your cup of coffee and bringing it to you…telling you that your hair looks great even when you notice that it’s time for another color appointment – a tender gesture or some serious lip action – wherever. Those are the moments that help a couple go the distance. Savor your weekend and each other. ~ Best, ck*

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