Sinful Sunday: A woman’s needs.

tied up

Houseguest, as much as I love her, has been intolerable of late. Constantly late for engagements, and quite curt and rude on occasion. This is simply quite unlike her.

Normally, she is a bundle of orgasmic joy. But For these past two weeks, she has been, well, a little bitchy!

At first, I thought I had done something to offend her.

Forgotten her birthday? No.

Failed to comment on hair cut? No.

Not noticed sexy high heels? Certainly not.

And then it dawned on me. I had truly let her down. I’d been thinking about myself and totally forgotten about her needs.

Damn you, Robert! You selfish fool.

I had not spanked my dearest in damn well over two weeks. The pangs of guilt brought me to my knees.

This had to be put right immediately. Houseguest was duly summoned to my townhouse.

Naturally, I could not apologize enough for my deviant behavior. She was quite miffed and unresponsive at first.

“Forgive me, my love,” I begged her, as I pulled her hair.

“You know I worship you,” I pleaded, as I bit her bottom.

“You’re mine,” I reassured her, as I slipped my hands around her neck and licked her.

She only began to believe me, after I had ripped off her lace panties. And as my thumb entered her bottom, I could feel her begin to relax and feel loved again.

Later on that evening, with my beloved on my bed, blindfolded, her wrists tied to the bed post, spreader bar between her ankles, and her pert pale bottom looking up at me, I told myself: Robert, you are going to grow old with this woman. But right now, you’re going to crop her bottom until she is dripping wet and begging to be fucked. 

Let this be a lesson to all men; spare the crop, lose the love of your life!

Oh yes….and sorry for calling your mother an interfering old bag.

How do you act out, when you’re not getting what you need?

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22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: A woman’s needs.

  1. The thing that comes to mind is Ying-yang! Balance!!! All needs/desires need to be met!!
    Shame on you Robert for neglecting HG!! Hopefully you learned another lesson!!

    p.s. bite your tongue when getting ready to insult family & her friends!

  2. Well done Robert for realizing what she needed. Maybe you need to make it more regular thing so naughty HG doesn’t become the same way again.

  3. Well, I have to say I’m impressed with you, Robert for figuring out the problem all on your own. We women tend to pout and cause small tantrums (including me) when we aren’t getting what we want. My hubby is more of the “what’s wrong?” and “you have to tell me or I won’t know.” And he’s right, communication is key, but I LOVE that HG didn’t have to tell you, you knew her needs and met them with appologies! Well done!

    1. This is true. I believe in communiction, woud be really pissed if a guy started acting up instead of just telling m what they wanted. I also know us women think guys should know what they did wrong and not about to tell what a guy did wrong or lower ourselves to ask for what we need. Dream come true for a guy to figure it out on own. AND sorry HG you are a bit to be if you never asked.

  4. As the ol’ saying goes, “Payback is a mother fucker”. Next time I think you may be feeling a little hurt and neglected, I’ll make sure to solve that problem with my strapon down your throat! And if that doesn’t seem to do the trick, I will invite over my favorite group of sodomites for some fun. Of course, I will tell you how much I love you, while they fuck you from here to Sunday and back.
    Insult my Momma again, and she’ll be the one wearing the strap on! Watch yourself…

  5. As stated before dear Robert, your timing was impeccable with this post today and you made this gal smile. That said!!!!! How dare you neglect HG???? You claimed her ass and so you should bloody well worship and spank it like you own it, GOD DAMN Robert, imagine if the arse was on the other foot so to speak. HG should have spanked you for your stupidity!!!! Next time find your clue before HG finds the problem!! MWAH

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