Fantasy Friday: Lesbian Loan

B&W Women

It’s safe to say that I am an experience junkie. I like to try things out, enjoy the craic.

At the top of my ‘to do’ list are sexual experiences that I want to share with Houseguest.

Truth be told, there are not many things left on my ‘to do’ list. Just the things that are total fantasy, sex acts too dangerous to do, unsafe and such.

But there is one fantasy I have, that I am itching to play out.

I want to lend Houseguest out to a lesbian. Not a pretend lesbian, but a real lesbian. One that has no interest in me whatsoever. In fact, I would not even be there.

They would go off and have their girlie fun together, and then Houseguest would come home to me. I would be able to smell the sex on her and the scent of the other women. She would then fill me in with all the details. I want to hear it all in minute detail.

I’m hard just thinking about it.

She would tell me about all the little tricks that lesbians use in the bedroom, what she did and how it felt. Of course, I would be visualising it, and yes, it would result in my ravishing Houseguest with my tongue. I’d have to show her what a man can do, and mark her as mine.

Even now, I can feel my blood boiling and my sex rage building. I’ll be pulling her hair, biting her, holding her tight in my arms and licking her all over to make her cum, time after time.

You see, I might lend her out, but she’s still mine, and no one can make her cum like I do!

Do you have a sexual fantasy that does not involve you?


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14 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Lesbian Loan

  1. That does sound rather hot Robert – you should ask, very nicely 😉

    A sexual fantasy that doesn’t involve me hummmmmm well I’d love it for hubs to get a lap dance. Not from a scummy nasty type place, but a high class type place. Him having to keep him self in check whilst a professional did her up most best to arouse him. Then have him come home to me and spend that pent up frustration – hot!!!!

      1. But just imagine the fun we would have as I made him tell me in detail all the moves she made and how he felt 😉 wicked and cruel yet hot as hell 😉

  2. Telling me to stop it is like a red flag to a bull Robert 😉

    And I’d imagine that there would be a tinge of angry sex mixed in with all that pent up arousal due to the fact that it would have all been planned and payed for by me 😉

  3. I quite like your fantasy, but I’d like it better if you were tied to a chair and allowed to watch, but not allowed to touch yourself. You know I can’t help but want to torture you just a little. Now, that would be hot! We would really play it up for you and bring you to your breaking point. I happen to know that you’re easy to break, so you’d be begging for release in no time flat.

    All my fantasies include you. No surprise there.

  4. This was a plot line for a story I was going to collaborate with another writer on. I too think it would be hot to have her come back to me and kiss me so that I could taste pussy on her lips and she could tell me all about it. I also really like HG’s idea! That is sexy. What man doesn’t love watching two women together? But i think it would be hotter if they ignored him and focused on one another. That’s kind of the key for me. Seeing them turned on by each other, completely into each other. Not for the sake of teasing me, but for being with each other. At least the first round. Tease him after that.

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