Wicked Wednesday: Bitch Fight!!

Fighting women

The moment it started our eyes lit up. Every man in the office was transfixed.

          Don’t hold back.

          Yeeeeeeaaaaah, that’s right.  Tell her how it is.

          Don’t take that from her. Give the bitch a slap.

          Pull her hair.

OK. So they didn’t actually come to physical blows, just verbal blows.

Let me tell you ladies, us men love it when you girls fight. I could feel the blood pumping into ‘me’ right away…..

The excitement of seeing two hot women on the brink of a cat fight is incredibly sexy.


How could it not be!

There is something truly primordial about fighting women.

In my mind, I imagine that they are fighting over me.

           He’s mine!

           Feck off ya, ya bleedin loo la!

           He’s coming home with me, ya dourty skank!

           ‘Ladies’, you are both coming home with me.

Secretly I’d love it if they really went for it: clothes half torn off, eye liner running, lipstick smudged, hair pulling and lots of crying.

Oh lordy!

Me bad.

Being a gentleman, I would eventually intervene. But in my fantasies I’m thinking orgy.

Thankfully, my PA is always on hand to slap me back into the real world.

           ‘Put it away Robert’.

            ‘Yes ma’am’.

Where would I be without this woman?

In the end the joust fizzled out, and they kissed and made up.

I’ll take them both out for lunch today.

Women, I just love them!

What would you have done?

Are you turned on by fighting women too, and why?

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19 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Bitch Fight!!

  1. I’m not going to lie to you, Robert. I think there’s something a bit caveman about this male reaction. 😉 I’d be curious to hear if women feel the same way about watching two men go at it… does nothing for me personally. But I know you are not alone in this response. And you are, after all, the proverbial man about town. *winks* Like Foxy, above, I want to know…what the hell were they fighting about? Did you ever learn? ck* P.S. Your PA’s directive to you ‘put it away, Robert’ had me nearly rolling on the floor chuckling!

  2. I love reading your point of view!! I’m surprised you didn’t get the oil out! Lol! You should give your PA a raise for keeping you in check which I’m sure is not in her job description!

  3. You are too funny, Robert. If that little fantasy gets you off, you know I am perfectly happy to slap around a few skanks for you! Lead me to ’em and step back, Baby…

  4. Robert, Robert, Robert reading your blogs gives new meaning to life. You always make me smile. And I also believe your PA deserves a raise, I’m sure she has her hands full keeping you in check. I must say though I bet she’s never bored. 😉

  5. Robert!!!!!! You are a naughty man lol Due to the line of work I’m in any kind of fighting is rather disgusting to me in the physical form. That being said, a good slanging match is fantastic to watch lol even better to be involved in 😉

    Between your PA and HG you are kept well in line lol could you imagine the trouble you’d get in without them *giggles*

  6. Giggles, I’d rather fight with the boys, I hate it when women fight and I have to step in gggrrrrrr at least with fellas I can give them a haymaker to the chin and not feel bad 😉

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