Sinful Sunday: Sex & Good Manners

All sexy cats have their territory. Houseguest, she is the queen of the bed. As such, she feels free to sprawl out all over it and all over me. Kiss in bed

At first, I would complain. But come on, who doesn’t love to have a hot sexy siren spread all over them?

No one!

Anyway, this particular Friday night, she was in her normal position in the middle of the bed with her hot little ass against me. Nothing unusual there, but right now, I’m feeling so incredibly horny. I blame it on the new tattoo. Betty, my sexy pin-up girl, was positively imploring me to ravish her.

‘OK Betty, I will’.

I began by nudging her in the back with my cock. Result!

She turned over and spread her legs.

Houseguest really does have a wonderful pussy. It just looks so edible and is beautifully bald.

So of course, I had to gently rub her clit.



Not even a murmur. She was totally out of it. More rubbing, and the woman doesn’t even react.

Maybe I should go down on her?

Is there anything better than being woken up by a hot tongue on your clit?

Or even better, I’ll lube up and fuck her awake!

But then, I worried she might not like being woken up like that.

In fact, she might wake up and hit me!

I feel certain Houseguest packs a mean punch, knowing how much combat exercise she does..

So being a coward, I turned over and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I confessed my nocturnal activities to  her.

She was truly shocked.

“You rubbed my clit, and I didn’t wake up”?

“I had my legs spread, and you didn’t eat me or fuck me”!

She was pretty shocked and disbelieving.

Houseguest was convinced I was lying, but I assured her that I was not.

Well, I was totally reprimanded and had to promise that next time, I would never let such an opportunity pass me by again.

My punishment? 20 minutes under her dressing gown eating her pussy.

Lessons learned. Sometimes, you have to stop being a gentlemen, Robert, and never look a gift horse in the mouth!

What would you have done?

How far is too far to go?

Would you like your man to take sexy advantage of you?

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27 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Sex & Good Manners

  1. In was in a similar situation to you Robert a bit back, woke up über horny and tried to softly wake hubs with gentle strokes all over. I tried running my whole naked self against him – nothing, dead to the world. It was a long bloody night I can tell you. In the morning I told him and I too was in trouble for not shaking him awake. I’ve now been told that if all else fails I’m to sit on his face till he wakes up *giggles*

  2. If I woke up horny when I was married, it was a case of dealing with it on my own as I knew I wouldn’t get it from him no matter what I tried.

    Since I have separated and woke up horny, I have found wriggling under covers until I find my prize; his cock. Make sure I can have full access then I get to work, believe me it doesn’t take long for him to wake up with my hot mouth and tongue going to work on his member. He never gets mad being woke up that way, although he does complain that he tired the next day, but always said with a laugh and a huge grin.

  3. I’m sure my husband would not mind one bit me doing like foxy and awakening his member with my mouth.

    For me, I sleep light so it won’t matter. :). But in an effort to play along, my husband would start with my nipple then move to fingering me, then fucking me. For some reason that I don’t know, the idea of being awoken to my pussy being licked isn’t as pleasant and a little scary (not that I don’t like it)…hmm

  4. YES!! YES!! Take advantage of me!! Now, on the other hand i don’t dare wake hubby up like this! i did once and got an elbow jabbed in my eye. Hubby often wakes me this way though! 🙂

  5. You must have worn out HG with prior activities! Yes she would have woken up if you didn’t give up so easily. It’s a great way to be woken up!

  6. You must have worn out HG with prior activities! I’m sure she would have woken up if you didn’t give up so easily! Hopefully you learned your lesson!!

    It is a great way to be woken up!! 😉

  7. Robert, I think you did the right thing. You have to trust your gut at the time. I’m a big believer in that. Coincidentally, my lead character gets awoken in a similarly lovely fashion on one occasion in the book I’m writing and is quite…invigorated. But if I’m being completely honest, I have not been as fortunate as my own character. Obviously, I would have no complaints about this form of alarm clock. None at all! Perhaps I need to highlight and flag some parts of my own book when it’s published and leave it in my hub’s workbag. You think? ;-)* Best, ck

  8. Houseguest is a very lucky girl. It’s been 10 years since I had a man lick my pussy. The sad part is that I’m not single. It’s not DH’s thing. Even though when we first dated he would eat me out but 6 months later it was like my pussy was just for fucking. Yet he never minds me attacking him in the middle of the night of which I have not done in so long. In fact, we stopped having sex about six years ago. BOB gets more action than it can handle and I’m left in tears wishing my sex life could be different. I don’t plan on leaving him. I still love him and despite this issue, I know he loves me.

  9. Hahhahahahhah I am having so much fun just reading everyone else’s reply… Including you @erotica everywhere Ughhhh this page is too much when one sleeps alone lol thanks for the warm up 🙂

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