Fantasy Friday: Forbidden Fruit


Something is up. I can tell. All the signs are there. She’s in a great mood. Smelling nice, looking great, and all smiles.

My PA has a new man in her life. I just know it.

I’m a bit bloody jealous!

They say you should never pee on your own doorstep. And they would be right. But there are times that I look at this hot MILF and just want to bend her over my desk and spank her red!

Those times are getting more and more frequent.

She knows this.

She’s no fool.

But she’s well able to keep me in check and put me back in my box, when she needs to.

That explains why I want her so much.

It’s all very frustrating, but I know if we ever did do ‘it’, that something would be lost between us.

Yet, even now, I can’t help lusting after her as I watch her at the photocopier, sexy beehive, white blouse, pencil skirt, black stockings and black patent heels.

She really does know how to keep her boss happy.

I suppose I should be happy for her…… but I can’t help but think if a threesome wouldn’t be out of order?

What forbidden fruit have you lusted after?

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11 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Forbidden Fruit

  1. Well Robert, you wouldn’t be the first man to fuck his secretary, the first to be charged with sexual harassment, or the first to get fired over it. Because most of us prefer to not experience those things firsthand, we practice something called “self control”. On the other hand, we love reading about people who don’t have any! So if you can’t reign it in, “slave to your nature” and all that, then keep us posted. We want details!

  2. I find forbidden fruit usually hang lowest, right there under our nose – they’re the co-worker you’ve begun working unusually close with lately or the people in your circle of friends and acquaintances that you chose or who ended up there because they were dating a friend. And interacting with them wouldn’t drive you so completely insane if you weren’t harboring a crush of mega proporotions or still thinking about that dream you had about them months ago that left you so shaken, you can’t look at them the same way again – and brushing up against their skin now? Forget about it! Instant O.

    When I was much younger and the concept of monogamy was still a huh-what’s-that idea, I would find my most lustworthy forbidden fruit were usually dating a good friend or classmate of mine. And I’d see them together and think, oh no, you should be right over here. She’s definitely not going to take care of you properly. Let me handle that for ya.

  3. Now now Robert, be a good boy. Ah the time old problem of forbidden fruit, you seem to eve to her apple.just remember, don’t bite 😉

    Alas my first love was my forbidden fruit, thankfully no Romeo and Juliet ending though 🙂

  4. I love the strength of the woman “putting him back in his box” when needed . Women want to feel sexy, hot and admired by men.. Those who say otherwise are not “connected” with themselves have gone dormant ..
    Great job ! Enjoyed it a lot
    More please …

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