Titts Tuesday: Men and pecs


The gays call them “disco titts”. Whatever you call them, just make sure you have them. The age of the out of shape man is over. Men are expected to have taut, defined stomachs and a great set of pecs, and not to mention buns of steel.
Us poor men have become sex objects. Buffed, waxed and plucked to within an inch of our masculinity! It’s awful, right?
We love it. Men are like peacocks, strutting about, shaking their booties and flexing their titts for all and sundry to admire.
Some may say that we have become self-preening divas.
And they would be right. Perfect tans, white teeth, well groomed. We look good.
Hell, we can even do looking ‘rough’ with panache. Designer stubble, bed head, ruffled clothes, come to bed eyes. Yes girls, that’s right, it’s an artificially crafted look.
Why do we do it?
Because we want you!
We want you a lot, and we are willing to kill ourselves in the gym and spend a small fortune on looking good to attract you. So, next time you see a guy spending ages looking at himself, remember that it’s all about you!

Are men too prissy and delicate these days?

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7 thoughts on “Titts Tuesday: Men and pecs

  1. Why should women be the only ones expected to take care of themselves and look good! It’s about time men had some standards to meet.

    And we DEFINITELY do appreciate your efforts, Robert!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Well said Houseguest. I just wish all men held to the same standard they expect women to. And Robert we all do appreciate your efforts! xx

  3. Fabulous is certainly appreciated, and yes, Robert, you are very appreciated by us all. 🙂 But I do think some men are getting a little TOO obsessed with two things – tanning and going hairless. Orange is not pretty, folks. Oranges are orange. Oompa loompas are orange. Men (or women, for that matter), should not be orange. Period.

    Hair. I love short-haired dogs but even hairless dogs and cats look freakish. So let’s talk about hairy chests. A little hair is nice. Maybe trim it down a tad if you’re of Mediterranean descent. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t want to feel like a perv who has stolen the middle schooler from class. Men have hair on their chest, boys don’t, and that is okay, people. I will agree that hairy backs are not so wonderful, so yes, do away with that. Pronto. And I’m not talking about needing a brush or getting all Charlie Cox on me, although I have been crushing on the quite hairy-chested Brit non-stop since Stardust and two seasons of Boardwalk Empire (sigh).

    Huh? What? Sorry…distracted myself…

    But I’m saddened when I see a handsome devil who has decided to go completely hairless including getting rid of that lovely little trail that I adore just between the “v” and heading southward. Please don’t take that pretty little trail away from us. It is a much appreciated roadmap to Valhalla, and we want to find our way without any chance of getting lost.

    That is all. I’m done griping now. And thank you for your fabulousness, Sir Robert.
    Chris ;-)*

    1. I agree orange is not a good color!
      Bit sun blushed is very sexy!.
      Hairy chests are very sexy, but they are best shown off with muscles.
      Lets face it, we will forgive a lot if a guy is good looked and gym fit.

      Treasure trails are sexy but when it comes to the ladies like a baldie!

  4. I agree with what you say Robert, but catching the eye is one thing – catching the heart takes a different kind of beauty. The issue I have is when the guys start to only see what’s in the mirror. Don’t get me wrong (and I’m not talking about you here) not all good looking guys who take care of themselves are shallow, but there are a lot who are.

    The one thing I cannot stand though is when a larger guzzling beer belly toting guy thinks it’s ok to tear girls down who don’t look like Kate Moss, who do they think they are???

    Rant over and my last thought is Robert, you know your avi has been licked by a massive number of people around the world – looking good Robert as always xxx

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