Sinful Sunday: Simple Pleasures

couple in love

There are times when sexual gymnastics are required. A tripple salchow off the top of the  wardrobe, a back flip and cart wheel to impale you on a mighty big tool. You know how it is. You’re trying to impress, and people want to be impressed.

But there are other times, when it is the basic things that you crave. Just the two of you, a dark room, with just the flicker of candle light creating dancing shadows on the walls. Silence broken only by the sound of two lovers together.

No props, no expensive underwear, just your nakedness, together in the dark.

In those moments, there is just what you feel for each other.

Massaging and kissing her beautiful feet is my simple pleasure. She can see how much I worship her when I do it. You want to make me happy? Let me kiss your feet and tell you how much I love you.

Her simple pleasure? To nibble my ear and whisper into it. Then she watches my body quiver, as I realize how much she loves me.

These moments are magical, when everything else is stripped out and only the two of us remain. A spell is cast in the silence, as we look into each others eyes.

We may grow old and wrinkly, but the love that we have will bloom for eternity.

Always cherish those simple moments; they are the times of your life.

What are your simple pleasures?

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19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Simple Pleasures

  1. Be still my beating heart. Moments you capture with such sensual, honest feeling.
    I think this is my favourite blog you have ever written.

    Love long, love loyal, love whole


  2. You forgot to say how much I love to be pressed up against you and simply look into your eyes. Windows of the soul and all that…..I love what I see staring so intensely back at me….

    But I do agree, our sexual antics are a blast, but all only in the name of fun. What counts are the simple things.

  3. You two have something so special. Never let go, hold on tight because through out your life together both good and bad remember what you’ve written here. Little things that make life wonderful are the most important. Your an inspiration to us all. Keep loving and writing about your beautiful life together. xxx

  4. How the hell did I miss this post yesterday? Yes, simple pleasures are everything if you ask me. And I’m totally with you on the ear thing, Robert. A little nibble and some breathy words will do it. And the neck. Oh, the neck. That is one groovy place. It’s so easy to zoom down quickly and bypass this quite lovely place to hang out for a while. 😉

    One simple move that I think many men might underrate is the simple reach for the hand and dwell on the tips of the fingers for a little bit. It’s not old-fashioned. It’s highly sensitive, particularly if he hangs around the palm for a tad, too.

    Simple pleasures are, in my mind, more than an opening act. Sometimes they’re as much as the headliner. 😉

    Okay, back to writing. Or after reading your blog, perhaps a cold shower. Have fun, you two. x


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