Valentines Seduction


I do love Valentine’s Day. Call me a hopeless romantic but I love all that clichéd stuff. I love buying the flowers, chocolates, perfume and some expensive underwear. Sure, it’s not original but some days are all about old fashioned romance. Weird gestures of love are best saved for another day, an engagement or anniversary.

So what does a hopeless romantic do for Valentine’s Day? After all of the above, it’s time for a home cooked meal, some Barry White and a lot of love.

I’ve never been a big fan of going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. People all crammed in together and no privacy. Hardly romantic is it? I much prefer to cook up a treat at home.

You have to give the love of your life your ‘A’ game: a slow seduction of champagne, fine food and whispered ‘sweet nothings’. Then a little slow dance together in the candle light.

If this does not earn you brownie points, nothing will.

But what if your partner isn’t romantic? Hmmm. I have to confess that I’ve never dated anyone who wasn’t romantic. I’d be totally stumped.

Is there anything that you can do?

Maybe you just have to put up with it?

Maybe your partner has other qualities that compensate?

Or maybe you need a new partner?

After all, without romance and passion, your just ‘good’ friends.

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Tell me about your unromantic Valentine’s Days!

12 thoughts on “Valentines Seduction

  1. I love this! Am I contradicting my belief of Valentine’s? Hell no!! What I love is all the thought you put into it for HG, even if it was on the 14th. The home-cooked meal, the candles, the whispers…and be still my beating heart…the dancing in the living room. Le sigh. That is what it’s all about. I’m so happy you didn’t take her to a crowded, overpriced restaurant. It may have tainted our friendship for good! Love you guys to the moon and back. xxx

  2. What a lovey piece. Your evening sounds like one to make anyone swoon. That being said, for me (and yes I know I’m a freak) it would mean so much more if it was done on the 23rd of may or 5th of Spetmenber. These aren’t dates with special meaning to me and that’s the point. I won’t paste my rant on valentines day on your blog, but for me the day is simply meh and holds no romance/originality.

    Now, I’d be quick to say hubs isn’t romantic, but then when I think about it he really is. He will always make a huge effort and spoil me on the 5th of January, the anniversary of our first date. I never do anything special for it and he tells me he’s glad about that because it’s his day to make me feel special.
    I get random little gifts for no other reason than we’ve been working opposite shifts and he’s missed me.

    Romance to me isn’t the big gestures, it’s the surprise breakfast in bed, holding hands down the street and simply stopping whatever you’re doing to kiss the one you love.

    I don’t come down on people that do do the whole valentines day thing, I simply choose not to do it myself – nether does Hubs so I have no reason to feel bad 🙂

  3. My ex-hubby wasn’t romantic at all, he would chuck me a card and “Here you go” where I am a bit like Lisa I prefer to do a lot a little things throughout any special day(s) starting off with maybe breakfast in bed or waking him up with a BJ. Carry on with maybe a naughty email/texts throughout the day. Evening with entertainment for me is like a final act of a play, which includes dinner, candles and playtime.

    I am also romance or showing how much someone means to me is not just on one or few days a years, for me it showing them nearly every day how much they mean to me.

    I do hope the naughty HG loved you romancing her, as that is who matters in all off this.

  4. Robert, I absolutely loved this blog. Sounds like you truly planned a wonderfully romantic evening for your lady. What woman wouldn’t enjoy that special treatment…and as others pointed out, on ANY day of the year? An absolutely lovely picture you painted… You asked some intriguing questions at the end – what DO you do when maybe your partner isn’t quite as romantic as you might like? And it may not have always been like that. It really is true that romance and lust evolve. And while you may at one time have devoured each other at a single look, sometimes hectic or conflicted schedules and aging bodies are not your best friend (and we’re not going down the path of discussing the little blue magic pills and the sometimes unrealistic expectations they can create…) But sometimes people’s relationships just evolve into something else and you have to find NEW ways to remind each other that yep, despite those changes in your relationship’s ebb and flow, you’re still a sexual being and that’s not going to change anytime soon. You might introduce new places, new toys, new people I suppose if you want to go down that road, but I think some of your other commenters above were right on target – you have to find ways to surprise each other, commit to making the time and do whatever it takes to keep it interesting. I also think that you have to speak up. It’s far too easy to stay quiet and become resentful. If you don’t put it out there on a billboard to your lover in some form or another what you want, what you need, you’ll probably just get more of the same. Anyway, great questions and blog, and delicious play-by-play as always, too. 😉 ck*

    1. Chris, you are, of course, completely right. Relationships evolve and you have to make an effort all the time. That I think is the real trick. Making that special effort to keep things special.
      Thanks for the compliments. x

  5. Cool post. I am a erotic roamnce author who is…well..not romantic. There! I said it. Not an ounce in me. I’m not into the old fashioned romantic tactics, which surprises me since I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. Opening doors and pulling out a chair is what I like. I think they call it manners which is sorely lacking these days. I’d rather be thrown down and let the hubby have his way with me than the candles and flowers. Don’t get wrong, I love getting flowers but encourage my hubby to wait until they’re half off. As far as the 14th, I’d rather take my kids for pizza and catch a movie. Looking back, I was never really a true romantic, just a horny girl.

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