Wicked Wednesday: Birthday Bumming


The thing you need to remember about these so-called ‘Doms’, is that they need to be put in their place. Failure to do so will result in all kinds of deviant behavior  They simply lose the run of themselves.

There is no better time to do this than on a Dom’s birthday. He gets to be the centre of attention, while at the same time, learning that his true place in this world is to be on his knees.

To all the Doms out there: It’s a little known secret that Doms make the best subs! They are insatiably hungry, cock whores; so that is exactly what a Dom should get, a damned good bumming.

Like I said, insatiable. So after I have warmed up our “supposed” Dom’s ass with my organic cock, it’s time for the ladies to pound the fight out of him with their plastic strap-ons. As you all know, a woman with a strap-on is a very dangerous thing. You won’t walk right for a week.

It never ceases to amaze me, what a Dom will say while getting porked. But do we really need to hear such silly porno talk? No, of course not. That’s why man invented the ball gag. Besides, you should remember that it’s best to ball gag him before he starts to beg for mercy. I’m such a soft touch that I would probably give in to pleas, which will never do. It’s his birthday after all, so he deserves a good rogering.

Seeing my Dom friend look up at me, eyes watering, sweat dripping off him, body shaking as the women pump away, reminds me that nothing in life is as it first seems. Do you agree? Inside every Dom, there is a submissive lurking and vice versa.

Incidentally, I did un-gag him. Semen is such a persistent stain, so it’s always best to deposit it in his mouth.

Any good birthday stories of your own to share?

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Birthday Bumming

  1. Sex wasn’t the center of my favorite bday. Lounging lazily on the beach and enjoying fresh seafood alfresco every day in Spain, that was the best. Though the nights…..they were special too.

      1. Eeerr, sorry….did I say that I meant the holiday with you? My mistake. It was the one with my other hot Irish luva!

        Just kidding!! Best time of my life, but I think we have some other good times planned in the future…

  2. I really do pick the wrong time to read some of your posts lol school hall collecting child from gymnastics and a mum asking why you’re smiling like that probably wasn’t my best moment 😉 you have made up wait far too long for this post my friend.

    I do hope your friend thanked you all for such a gift 😉 and it does sound like a celebration was had by all 🙂

    My favourite birthday was my 20th and also happened to be my wedding day too, last year I celebrated my 30th birthday and 10th wedding anniversary and we celebrated for a week – fun times were defiantly had

      1. Let me make it all better. You can make ANY bday wish you please, and your Houseguest promises to fulfill it….

        Just make sure I can walk afterwards!

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