Size Matters! er…..Right?

Painful gay sex

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and think about it.

OK! That really is a huge dick. Gimme, gimme, gimme! 


You see, really big cocks will ruin you. A gay friend of mine once told me that he makes it a rule to never let guys with enormous cocks fuck him. If he did, there would be no turning back, and he would be left totally unsatisfied by ‘Joe Average.’

Do you believe that? I mean, a huge one would be more fun, right?

How do I qualify enormous? Anything bigger than two cans of Red Bull.

I like big, I’ve had big. I am BIG. But in all honesty, I’ve never had truly enormous. You know, like 10+ inches and really thick and veiny.

So there we are, HG, our playmate and I. She has totally enjoyed having our friend fuck her brains out. The demented look on her face tells me that I need to get in on the action.

“Do you think you can take it?”

Damn right, I’m not missing out! The two of them give me their A-game to prep me up. There is a reason why HG keeps her nails short. I love her little hand in my ass, but it’s not the same as dick. Just as even your favourite sex toy is never as satisfying as a good hard fuck.

So, I think I’m ready, all relaxed and expectant.

Well, of course I couldn’t take him. It went in OK, but it was like being fucked by a police truncheon. So it had to stop.

Trust me, I was relaxed, but our friend was just too big! My playmate confessed that this was quite a regular occurrence, and that I should not feel bad.

“There, there, Robert darling, some men are just not able for it!”

Seems I’m not. Having a hand in your ass gently massaging your prostate is not the same as having a giant dick pumping the living bejesus out of you.

So, I let HG carry on enjoying him. Naturally, no good turn goes unpunished, and my face was plastered in his cum while HG pulled my hair.

You see, size really does matter. Not too small, dummy…too big!

What would you have done?

Ever been faced with a ‘challenge’ that is too big?

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22 thoughts on “Size Matters! er…..Right?

  1. Oh my goodness Irish, too big is fun no matter the pain. Let’s see 11 1/2 inches of OMG that’s gonna hurt thick and veiny very scary and very angry piece of throbbing steel pounding ruthlessly. Felt like a damn fence post! Adjust yes, good yeeesss ever again maybe. That fact to be determined, lol. Lived with Mr 9 1/2 many years he was amazing but had to try more just once for the “challenge”. Bigger is NOT always better it took a good week to feel like my body was back to normal. But I’m sure if you’re ever faced with that challenge again you’ll accept it and smile 😉 can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

  2. Ms. Thomas has been put on a gag order. You really are a naughty boy, Robert. You know she won’t always comment, though I know, personally, she’s really dying to let the cheek rip (That’s an Oz saying…no pun intended). Good day, Mr. India. xxx

  3. Jesus Robert you do understand that in life you only get one arse, right? Treat it with at least a little respect pmsl
    As I’ve never tried one as big as you’ve described (I doubt many outside of the porn industry have) I can’t really comment, but from a girls view – if I can’t actually walk the next day (this is different to it hurting when you walk) then I’d defiantly say it’s too big 😉

  4. Hell, I would have given it a try, too, because I just love a challenge but having run into my share of big-dicked men, ya kinda learn quickly that bigger ain’t necessarily better because no one, bi or gay, thinks having a phone pole shoved up your ass is a fun thing to do.

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