Guest Blog: Honeymoon Surprise

Honeymoon surprise

Three days into our honeymoon in Miami the gorgeous Ms P and myself were having the time of our lives, sun, sand and all we were missing was some filthy sex!

It was a Thursday night and we had no expectations, we just dressed casual and headed out for dinner. We walked from our hotel to ocean drive A beautiful part of the world with some amazing restaurants, randomly we just picked one and sat down, we ordered 2 large Long Island ice teas these things were massive, they call them fish bowls for obvious reasons! We were 2 hours at the restaurant just finishing them.
During this time a guy passing by left a flyer on our table saying David Guetta was playing at a nearby hotel/club, excitedly we started making plans to go to the party. After finally finishing our fish bowls we were both a bit tipsy and giddy thinking we were going to have a great night of clubbing.
We went back to the hotel and put on our best wears Ms P with a sexy pink figure hugging dress and her Gina shoes she looked so sexy I was so horny just looking at her.
We had no tickets so we had to get there early which we did. On arrival at the venue the place looked very upmarket and to tell the truth snooty! Not really our type of place but we went in to the hotel anyway ordered some drinks and sat in the hotel lobby.
Now clubbing in Ireland was our passion during the late 90’s early 2000’s and there was no social divide it was for everybody, the rich, the not so rich, gay, lesbian it didn’t matter once on the dance floor everyone was at 1 with the DJ.
This however was turning out to be different matter as Ferrari after Ferrari pulled up outside, the place started to fill up with Miami’s high society.
During our 2nd drink we made the decision to leave as the serious lack of banter in the building was killing us, we thought at one stage that if someone was to laugh or smile they would be kicked out!
“What to do” asked Ms P?
I had noticed earlier in the week that there was a gay club around the corner from our hotel called twist and suggested we go there. She was all over the idea and we quickly finished our drinks and hopped into a taxi.
It was still quite early,only midnight, so we were one of the first people in the place but it didn’t take long to fill up and it was so good, we danced, flirted and we both had nothing else in mind but hooking up with some sexy people! The place was full of them including strippers whose tanned ripped body’s were out of this world, Ms P couldn’t help herself but to try and grope 1 of them, to say he was a bit taken aback would be a understatement! But it was all done in good fun.
Unaware due to my drunkenness at this stage Ms P was telling the boys to come up and dance with me and as they did she would come over and grind her sexy ass up against us, it was so hot And i was so horny, reaching behind feeling the guys hard cock that was dancing with me at that time.
After a while we had settled in with three guys who were friends, two of them were Sexy Latinos Oscar and Juan both beautifully tanned with smooth body’s and dark hair and their friend Jermaine a African American who was tall and dressed in blinging couture that only a black guy could get away with wearing he was very quiet and we hardly spoke at all, but that didn’t really matter as we danced away! Ms P took a particular liking to Jermaine and the five of us were really hitting it off.
We decided that the party needed a change of venue and it was off to our hotel room we went. Thankfully the staff at our hotel were not strict on the door and the three guys got in with no issues at all.
It felt like the door in our room was only closed over and we were all naked, Ms Playing back on the bed taking it all in as the four of us guys kissed and groped each others hard cocks but she could not resist for too long as she sat up on the end of the bed and started to work on Jermaine’s big black cock it was so thick she could hardly get her hand around it as she took it in and out of her mouth, I couldn’t pay too much attention myself as Oscar, Juan and I were still kissing and groping each other.
Oscar went down and started to suck both mine and Juan’s cocks taking turns at each one like a professional, he was spitting on them to lube them up and wanking his own hard cock at the same time! Now who said men can’t multitask?
At this time I could hear the shudder that only a man ejaculating can make from across the room and as I looked over Ms P was swallowing Jermaine’s thick creamy cum, he was lying back on the bed with his mouth wide open and a look of pure satisfaction on his face.
I left Oscar and Juan to there own devices and grabbed Ms P forcefully threw her to the bed and stuck my tongue down her throat. The taste of cum still lingering from her exploits with Jermaine I was so fucking hard her pussy was so wet without anyone even touching it, my cock slipped in with no fuss she was telling me in a very assertive way to fuck her hard!! “Fuck me hard!” “Harder” “harder” she was crazed.
I wasn’t sure who it was then but I felt a hand on back and then a body, i looked around it was Juan, his sexy Latino body rubbing up against me while I fucked Ms P, I slowed down my pace to maneuver into a position to give him access to my ass which at this stage was dying to receive his seven inches of love muscle, sliding his cock inside me my ass tingled with pleasure and after a few strokes the three of us were in perfect unison, me fucking her him fucking me it was awesome I was trying so hard not to cum so it could last longer I wish we could have stayed like it forever.
Juan soon stepped off and gave Oscar his turn, after waiting patiently he jumped straight in and found his rhythm pretty quick Juan and Jermaine stood close by kissing and feeling each others cocks, Ms P was moaning so loud it was driving me crazy and as the orgasm started to build in her dripping wet pussy and my ass it was crazy hot. Oscar groaned behind me “I’m going to cum” he said in his sexy Latin accent.
“Cum in my face” Ms P exclaimed
Oscar got off quickly and scurried around the bed wanking his cock frantically, my face right beside Ms P’s he shot his hot load in both of our faces it came out in four cycles groaning loudly with each one his legs shaking as he did so, Ms P and I licked the head of his cock together taking every last drop of cum out of it. Smiling and giggling at each other we kissed passionately sharing his cum back and forth in our mouths it was so kinky I had never done that before!!
I started to feel Ms P’s pussy getting sensitive and it was not long before the two of us were to cum, my pace picked up my thrusting got harder and then it was the most amazing orgasm ever it felt like I had relieved the biggest load of cum of my life, both of us were rattling with the feeling of pure lust and pleasure the 3 guys watched on as we embraced..
“You guys are so hot” Oscar said
“We’ll you guys are equally so” I said back to him. Standing up we finished off the same way we started with the 4 of us kissing and feeling each others cocks as Ms P looked on with a smile on her face and her index finger on her left hand rubbing her soaking wet pussy.
“Thank you guys so much I’ve had so much fun” she said to them. so then after a few minutes of trying to find who’s clothes were who’s it was all over, but it will never be forgotten.
Thank you Ms P and J for this amazing hot sexy honeymoon adventure!
What crazy things have you done on your honeymoon?
Did you enjoy this hot adventure? Like strong women?
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