Femme Fatale, Slave To My Nature Series

Femme Fatale


Life should have a few indulgences in it. What’s the point of living, if you can’t have a few just deserts? You work hard, you play hard. I work out and train hard, so I deserve a slice of cake.

After a naughty slice of cake, the afternoon can be bit of a slog. The sugar buzz soon wears off, and that mid-afternoon slump hits home. It’s only the thought of meeting some hot thing after work that gets me through the slump. Quite often, that hot thing is the love of my life: a woman who understands me better than I understand myself.

From the moment I met her, I knew that I had to have her. Make her mine and worship her. I don’t mean possess her, as I would a chair or table. What I mean is to give myself to her, completely. She has it all: stunning good looks, clever wit, more brains than a super computer and the kind of kick-ass attitude that brings grown men, like me, to their knees.  And she is never without a killer pair of heels for me to want to lick. She is my kindred spirit, sees the world as I do, and has the balls to call me out on my BS. She is quite simply, bewitching. 


Sadly for me, Mike’s expertise as a kisser is not matched by his expertise as a cocksucker. He’s all teeth and spit. In my mind, it’s probably down to him not actually having had much practice. He probably kisses his wife all the time, while cock is a rare treat for him. I assume, anyway. And I’m never wrong about these things. Still, a blowjob, even a bad blowjob, is a blowjob. So eyes closed, I lay back to enjoy it.

That is, until her majesty utters her next command. “Eat his ass, baby”. Yes baby, eat my ass. Rimming is one of life’s great pleasures. As a bottom connoisseur, I enjoy both receiving and giving. Some of my female friends tell me that they could never imagine eating out a guy’s ass. My only response is that they have been with the wrong guys. Eating ass is like eating pussy or sucking cock. It’s a pleasure that should be learned and savoured. 


Men, we are little boys really. So much bravado, so much chest beating. We endure suffering to prove a point. ‘Look at me. I’m a man. I didn’t feel a thing.’ Truth be told, that’s probably why I decided to go on this sex break. I am suffering from a case of male sado-masochism. Having said that, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Listen, all I wanted was a couple of weeks on the ‘no-sex wagon’ to straighten myself out and put my recent trials behind me. Sometimes, a man just needs a break from crazy femme fatales and mammy’s boys.

If I had the full support of a good woman, I may well have made it the full two weeks. I had survived Houseguest rubbing one out in front of me, and not even the sight of another man eating Houseguest’s pussy was enough to break me. Any man who can withstand such temptation must be pretty strong willed. And I’m no ordinary man, so I need even more self-control than Joe Average. 

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10 thoughts on “Femme Fatale, Slave To My Nature Series

  1. Congrats on the new book, Robert! Tried to DM you but remembered you were under a new handle and didn’t follow me there. So you’re still in Twitter Jail? Gah. Sorry to hear about that 😦 Watch yourself on the old cell block. I hear they get a little fiesty. Anyway, good luck with everything and nice interview with Paige, too. You christened her new author interview blog series quite…um…memorably! 😉 All the best, Chris

      1. Thank you. I anticipate I will. Just downloaded it, in fact, for weekend perusal…and stocked up on a few others I had not yet ordered.

        Have a delightful weekend, Robert! I don’t doubt you will. 😉 Cheers, Chris

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