Fantasy Friday: Body don’t let me down

Ok, I’m ready

      Body don’t let me down

My ankles on your shoulders?

      Do you like what you see?



Oh yeah, more lube

      Slow down, I need to relax


      Slow down, it hurts

Wait there a second

      The knuckles feel nice

Hold on

      It feels really nice

Kiss me

      He needs to slow down

Pull on my balls

      Take my mind off it


      Nearly there

Oh god that’s good

      Thank you body

Feels amazing

      Please be proud of me

Spit on me

      Show me you love me

Lick it off

      How much do you love me?    

Punch it

      I need to cum


      I’m really close

Oh God stop

      Please don’t stop


The Sensations series of poems explores the relationship between what we say during sex, and what we mean during sex. Some poems will be experimental, some will be emotional.

What did you think?

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14 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Body don’t let me down

  1. This is wonderful, in my opinion the thoughts during sex are not mused enough, not much beyond “oh fuck oh fuck I’m going to cu” anyhow.

    Rally looking forward to more and to hear it from a male POV is great, I love hearing things in male POV most stuff it from a woman’s.

    Foxy is right, when you put your own charm and spin on a topic it is a must ad and such a riot 😉

    Well done you

  2. Well as we both know, you have some wonderfully talented female writer friends who I am certain would help you out.

    Have fun with your new direction 🙂 I can’t wait to read more

  3. Can I… I just… You read my mind. Yes! A book of poetry from Mr. India. I’d buy it! You know I support you, 100%. How does…”:Love and Dirty Deeds of an Irishman” sound? If I can get out of my limerick habit, I might be willing to contribute. Give me some time to think about it. x

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