Wicked Wednesday: Men and Anal Sex


It’s no secret that men love giving anal sex. Men just love ass. Is there anything more to be said?

Why do they love it?

Because it feels so nice and tight on a man’s cock, stupid!

But what always amazes me is how so many men expect women to enjoy anal sex, but have never enjoyed it themselves. In fact, they are terrified about being on the receiving end of a good rogering!

Lets me make one thing perfectly straight; getting fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on does not make you gay. And even if it did, you should enjoy it and get on with your life!

A little biology:

Women have a g-spot, and us men, we have a p-spot. It’s up your ass. It likes to be poked, prodded, rubbed, massaged and fucked!

I’ve heard it said that some men just can’t enjoy being boned. ‘It doesn’t feel good’, ‘my ass hurts’, ‘it’s too big, take it out’. My answer to that: unless your biology is radically different to the rest of mankind, it simply can’t be the case. It’s all mental. You need to let go buddy and spread your ass.

Of course, it’s not just the physical sensations that a guy should/could enjoy, but also the psychological stuff that comes with it. Because, isn’t that what sex is all about, the mental? The connections that you make, and the buttons that are pressed. Getting a woman to fuck your hole is just another one of those buttons. Oh yes, and amazing orgasms!!

You see, that’s my button, and I need it pressed!

Now me personally, I’m bi; I’ve no issue with a woman with a strap-on or a man with a huge cock pounding my ring to orgasmic bliss. It seems a large number of women aren’t even aware their partners have a p-spot, as many men are reluctant to bring up the subject of receiving anal. That’s sad, if true, because anal can be so enjoyable for everyone involved.

Have you ever discussed pegging with your man?

Has your man ever asked you to peg him?

Have you ever tried to peg your man?

44 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Men and Anal Sex

  1. Here is little me still slowly working her way up to to that. I have been lucky enough to meet a number of men since I started my journey who not only like rimming, fingering and a few who like being anal fucked.

    This issue for me, is not the rimming, fingering or even using a vibrator on a gent; all of which I love doing, but rather as sub I feel I would be topping from the bottom if I then used a strap-on and that is just not me or something I would feel right doing, even with another sub or slave.

              1. Ohhhh god not me at all, okay I do talk about what my wants and desires are,

                I am lucky that those I am involved with; since starting on this journey, allow me and help me. Although that might not always be the way I just have to wait and see.

  2. As a connoisseur of all things anal, I must say it really gets me off using my power, dominance and strap-on to get Robert off. As Robert always says, I really am a gay man in a woman’s body! No complaints from him about that though.

  3. I had a lover who loved having me put a strap on and fuck him. The first time he approached me on this subject, I instantly thought to myself, my man is gay. But than he explained the whole erogenous thing. Me being me, who is so open minded I went with the flow. At first it was awkward for me, but once I got the swing of things, it gave me pleasure to give him pleasure. Especially since he always took care of my needs first.
    That man taught me how fun sex could be.

  4. Being a sub I never thought of strapping one on, I have seen them but they never turned me on, but love watch 2 guys is a great turn on. As I am very new to being an open sub and still looking for a dom guess this could be something to try. Not sure I can top from the bottom as I hate being in charge in anything sexual.

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