Sinful Sunday: Guest Blog : A Lesbian Fantasy

Lesbians eating pussy

It’s a little awkward at first. Neither one of us wanting to make the first move, but tentatively I lean in for the first touch of lips. It’s very soft, almost non existent. If it wasn’t for the scent of wine of our breaths, you may have missed it.
A small smile creeps in over my lips. That was nice. I want to do it again, so I lean in for a further kiss. Deeper this time. Much deeper.Our tongues meet and circle, stroking and probing.

Still embraced we lay back on the sofa, me on top, holding her face, then stroking up through her hair, I grip it and pull her head back, so I can bite her neck. She moans and her hips rock up, trying to find some friction to rub on. Pushing my leg in between hers I giver her my thigh to rub on. My hot cunt is pounding out through my jeans and I need some relief myself. Moaning in to her mouth, I graze along her jaw and down her neck, her collar bone in to her cleavage I bury my tongue in between her big tits, fuck I can taste the saltiness of a days sweat. Mmmmmm. Pulling her top down, I spring her tit from her bra. Rubbing her nipple with my thumb admiring it, I take it in my mouth, feeling it harden beneath my tongue Feeling every bump and curve. I suck on it, and kneed it gently. I need more still. ‘slide out of your jeans’ i tug on the feet to help her and there she is, prone to me, grinding up and down fucking wanting me.

Climbing in between her legs, I take in her scent, warm, sweet and ripe. I blow gently on her panties, and take in another sniff. I bring my mouth down and suck her through her panites, tasting her. She’s fucking soaking already, she’s been waiting for this, I know she has. Fuckkkkk.!

I pull her panties to the side and get my first glimpse of her cunt, I can SEE how wet she is. Licking her slit open, I close my yes in response to the softness and her taste. I use the flat of my tongue and firm strokes to lick her out. Every fucking drop of her is now in my mouth. My God it’s delicious I tongue her deep, fucking her with my tongue, I’ve never had my tongue inside a cunt before. My nose is buried in her too, my whole face being soaked by her cum and my saliva I’m a mess. And so are my panties, they’re fucking soaked, dripping. I push two fingers in to her and continue licking her, the very tip of my tongue flicking her hard clit, my other hand fucking her hard. she’s soft, warm and wet. My fingers are loving it. She holds my face there and fucks it, bucking her hips up to meet my face, working together, me licking, her thrusting. She cums Loud. And drips her cum in to my mouth. Mmmmm fuckkk!! I’m covered baby. My whole face, nose, mouth, chin. The lot is dripping wet. I lick her clean. Suck her dry. And swallow. Noisily. I need her to know, I’ve taken it all. I wanted it.

I slide out of my jeans, and slide myself over her face, sitting directly over her mouth. Eat me! Holy fuck, baby. I’m so wet. I need to cum in her mouth. I want to drown her. Be the first to squirt on her face. I hold myself steady on the back of the sofa and I grind on her. Using her face to fuck myself. She squeezes my ass, digging her nails in. It hurts but makes me grind harder and faster. Her tongue is all over my cunt, sucking my lips, my clit and licking out every inch. Nothing is left untouched. Nothing. I’m being a dirty cunt whore. I’m giving her your cunt to fuck. Sharing me, for you. I imagine you watching, and growing rock fucking hard. *steel encased in velvet* I know you’re watching. She doesn’t! You see me baby. You see me fucking her face for you. You see me getting off on a girls face! Holy fuck, I need to cum. She stiffens her tongue and I use it to bounce on lightly, just hitting the right spot, head down, eyes closed, fist gripped. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m cumming baby. She slides a thumb in my ass and it pushes me over the edge. I cum. Fucking screaming. Groaning. Moaning. Fucking. Thrashing. And fucking squirting all over her.

Thank you Fifty for this guest blog

21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Guest Blog : A Lesbian Fantasy

  1. Oh this guest blogger is very good, built me right up into a hot and bothered state πŸ™‚

    The most favourite part is the thought is that this 3rd person is watching and knowing what’s happening – HOT

    thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I agree, Ellie. A bit of variety for its own sake is nice. It doesn’t take away from or replace the real love you have with a significant other at all.

    And Robert, don’t worry. No woman would discard you!

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