Fantasy Friday: Sex Torture


Not knowing.

Not being able to see.


My heart pounding, my cock straining, and my body needing her touch.

Sometimes my excitement is such that I try to slip my restraints, but they are always too tight for me to break free.

Trying to escape is never tolerated. Maybe the nipple clamps will be tightened? Or maybe she will whip my back?

She likes me with my arms in the air, shackled to the ceiling. It keeps my torso taught, and gives her access to my arm pits.

The words she whispers into my ears, threats and promises. When I feel her breath on my neck, I wish she would bite me. She does.all mine

Candle wax always feels hottest on my nipples. It stings. If I’ve been good, she lets it drip onto other places. It hurts, but my body says I want it.

I’m there to please her. It’s not about me. It’s about what she wants. It’s all about me.

Her hands are delicate, beautifully manicured and painted. They grip so tight: my hair, my throat, my cock.

Put to work, my mouth was made to please her. Her taste, her musk, her smell. Drinking her.

That feeling, that I belong here, gives me a sense of perfection. A moment that won’t ever end.

Endurance: she is always pleased by how much I can endure. The night is always long. Just a single word of approval, and my cock reaches for her.

To always be on the edge, never allowed to fall over until it pleases her.

Taking her into me, the sweating, the moaning, begging for it not to end.

But it does end. My released is a reward, a gift from her.

Bruises, cuts, scratches, welts. My body is simply her marked property. It always surprises me by how quickly it heals.

In the still of night, when I’m holding her in my arms, I know I’m never letting her go. I will give my life to keep her safe.

She is Houseguest.

21 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Sex Torture

  1. I agree, Paige. If you read some of Robert’s earlier blogs, there is some beautiful poetry. Makes me melt! Double wedding works for me as well!!!

  2. I’m almost speechless. A beautifully written testament to the heady combination of adoration, pain and pleasure. Perfection. Bravo handsome … you’ve made my eyes water and my lip wobble. Damn!! Now where’s my bullwhip …

  3. Just stop with the mushiness!! I’ll stick with lust and trust. I have a delicious picture in my mind from your words and it is very distracting! Keep it coming 😉

  4. Wow! That was amazing! I was on the edge reading this. Your so very talented. You can come to my house any time and read and play. Just amazing.

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